“Magnetize Prosperity” Circle Outline & Marketing Materials



Money doesn’t have to come with struggle, food doesn’t have to be scarce and time can be abundant.  Love can overflow and creativity can come with more ease.  Whatever it is you are desiring more of, you can create shifts in the story and allow it to flow towards not only you, but those around you, to come and who have walked before you.

Mama Earth shows us that from barren land can come growth and lush fruits.  She is always moving energy into abundance and just as she does, so too can we.

It is time to break the cycle of scarcity, lack and struggle and rewrite it into one of prosperity and abundance, where we magnetize with ease, the richness we desire in life.

It’s time to break the cycle and see how powerful you really are, as you become the change you wish to see in your life and in the world.

At this month’s circle, we’re peeling back the layers on what we learned and what has been passed through our DNA and our energetic bodies..

Join us as we begin to heal the connection between ourselves and prosperity.

This circle outline includes:

✨ MEDITATION to connect with the women of your lineage and release yourself from their stories.

✨ MOVEMENT to grow the seeds of abundance and plant them firmly into the Earth, nourishing your ancestors and feeding the generations to come.

✨ INTIMATE SHARING to connect with your prosperity story and identify what wants to be let go of and what wants to bloom.

✨ RITUAL to put down the burdens you have been carrying from those before you and how they have settled into your own habits and mindset.

Also included is:

  • marketing materials for your event page and social media
  • a video where you can experience a virtual circle being held with this outline
  • outline in Word document so you can edit and add time stamps and other notes


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