"Manifest your Creative Power" Circle Outline & Marketing Materials


The womb is a sacred vessel, a chalice, to hold the feminine.

It can receive divine downloads that then go on to inspire and inform our creations.

It has the ability to receive, to hold, to nurture and protect – whether it’s a growing embryo or another form of creation.

It is within the womb, that we connect with the source and root of our consciousness. A gateway or a portal to infinite, primordial, creative potential.

To tap into this, we call on our inner Creatrix, the archetype who supports us to:

  • Channel inspiration from our higher self and soul
  • Trust in the creative process and that our actions will create the perfect outcome
  • Know the importance of being at home in our womb, so we can tap into life-force energy
  • Expands your vision, allowing you to see the threads that want to be woven together in your life
  • Be in your unique, creative expression

The Creatrix invites you to drop into the feminine a little deeper and to get to know, even more intimately, what your womb means to you as a woman choosing to create life from her soul.

This circle outline includes:

✨ MEDITATION to connect with your womb and open to your creative potential

✨ MOVEMENT to activate the sacral chakra and awaken your inner Creatrix

✨ INTIMATE SHARING to support you in the discovery of what wants to be created through you

✨ RITUAL to birth a piece of art as a reflection of your creative potential

Also included is:

  • marketing materials for your event page and social media
  • a video where you can experience a virtual circle being held with this outline
  • outline in Word document so you can edit and add time stamps and other notes

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