Priestess (Mary Magdalene) Archetype Activation


The priestess has significantly emerged in the female collective unconsciousness in the past decade and I believe it is because she is of significant importance in the rise of the divine feminine.

​In the tarot, she holds one half of the divine feminine and the empress holds the other. It is the integration and balance of matter and spirit, masculine and feminine, earth and celestial, light and dark.

The priestess helps us hold the container of transformation of the planet right now. When we awaken her power, we strengthen our capacity to go deeper within ourselves, expanding our capacity to hold space for others.

She teaches us to see beyond the veil into the subconscious, including the shadow. She allows us to penetrate beyond the surface where the truth lies.

She is a powerful space holder because she is not afraid of the dark. She doesn’t judge the darkness as bad and wrong, but simply part of the dual nature of reality.

For this activation, we draw upon the energy of Mary Magdalena, with the specific intention of holding opposites, integrating masculine and feminine and coming into sacred union within ourselves.

Let us activate the priestess energy of The Magdalene to dispel the illusion of separation, and chose love and oneness at this critical time of chaos on our planet.

Included in this activation:

* Visualization – Chalice Well (audio mp3 + transcript)
* Ritual – Your Soul’s Sacred Union (transcript)
* Priestess Medicine Bag, Affirmations and Images

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