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The Mastery Experience

June 28th, 2024

8 – 2pm PST daily

Pay what you can (regular = $147 usd)

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The Mastery Experience ~ June 28th ~ 8am – 2pm PST

Pay what you can (Regular price: $147 usd)

Create *transformational experiences* that differentiate you from other group programs, having you become known as someone who can facilitate massive breakthroughs for the entire group … and deep, lasting transformation … while maintaining depth and intimacy.

Without adding more calls to your calendar …

Without feeling the weight on your shoulders to perform …

Without exhausting your time and energy with multiple calls every day …

Without being derailed by a clients’ resistance, procrastination or big emotions …

Without doing it all by yourself as a lone wolf …

And without ever second guessing your facilitation skills again!

If you are interested in becoming unshakeable in your confidence to handle anything and everything that comes up in a group setting …

Creating repeat and referral clients that form a community dedicated to contributing to your larger mission and vision

And get paid what you deserve as you bring your body of work to more people …

Then join us for this 2-day online immersion into the highest level of circle work at Sistership Circle.

When you craft experiences and facilitate group transformation and have the skills to navigate all the most challenging scenarios that have the potential to take you out …

A whole new business model becomes possible.

One that turns the core transformational journey that you take clients through as your Signature Circle Program, a turnkey asset that you’ll run again and again.

One that is streamlined, community-driven, and fulfilling.

This is the sweet spot of leading from your feminine flow that creates more time to enjoy all the other things you are passionate about in your life.

And this is exactly what you’re going to discover during this experiential event.

The Mastery Experience is an advanced training like no other.

Here’s what it’s going to look like:

Session 1: 8 – 9am – Your Vision & Path to Fulfillment: Get Clear on Your Big Vision and Your Signature Circle Program

Session 2: 9 – 10am – Who You Have to Be: The 4 Pillars of Feminine Leadership

Session 3: 10 – 11am – Secret Sauce: How to Hold Potent, Intimate, Deep Space with the Transformational Arc

LUNCH BREAK 11 – 11:30am

Session 4: 11 – 12pm Circle Experience to Discover Your Edge in the Depths

Session 5: 12 – 1pm – Your Path to Mastery

Session 6: 1 – 2pm PST – Panel Q&A and Closing

After being immersed in the circle medicine with us at this event, you’ll have an opportunity to take the work further in Mastery of Circle, our 6-month highest level container that meets weekly and includes 2 retreats.

Due to time zone differences and the intimate nature of this event, the recordings will be available for 7 days after the live experience. After that, they will NOT be available to keep.

Who is this for:

Coaches, healers and therapists who already have experience with clients and feel confident in their 1:1 skill level

Circle leaders who have been leading monthly gatherings for more than 3 months and are ready to begin the process of creating their 12- week Signature Circle Program

How to Lead Circle graduates who have led their first circle and want to quantum leap to circle programs

Visionary leaders who want to go bigger, perhaps by becoming a Sistership Circle Trainer or creating a business that impacts thousands

Who this is NOT for:

Women just beginning their journey as a coach or healer with little to no experience

Women who want to start a monthly circle gathering to create supportive friendships (you’ll want to join us for Rise into Leadership event in September 2024)

What to expect:

Be on time and stay the entire time. This is an immersive experience where the sections build on each other.

We interact with each other which means you need to be present with your video camera on as if you were live in the room with us.

We ask that you come ready to share vulnerably and authentically and allow yourself to be witnessed.

If you already have a commitment, you’ll be able to watch the recording, although you won’t have the interaction with the circle that is a huge part of the work.

We’ll have an offer for you to continue with this type of higher level circle work in Mastery of Circle. You are not obligated to join the program, but we want women who are seriously considering taking this next step of commitment to up level their circle leadership.

We are creating this experience for the leaders who want to empower the leadership in other women by doing the deepest healing within the circle container.

There are no refunds or exchanges for this event.

About Tanya:

I have been guiding groups for over 17 years and trained thousands of women around the world how to hold space in a circle container.

I’ve written books and created multiple programs and courses to empower the leadership in women.

In 2023, our leadership team at Sistership Circle started to examine our processes to teach women how to go even deeper.

A maturation and refinement of our method came out as a result.

After 4+ years of holding the Mastery of Circle container, we took our teachings and put them into an updated transformational journey that guides leaders deeper into themselves and into the circle.

This is the culmination of all my work and the program I am most proud of.

I’ve been a successful business owner for over a decade because of the sales and marketing skills that I’ve developed over the years combined with the energetics that I’ve mastered.

I am known for my ability to “see” the bigger picture as a visionary leader and the depths of a woman’s soul as an intuitive healer, guiding women to rise up into their full potential.

Our trainer team is required to go through Mastery of Circle because it transforms them into who they need to be to lead our programs.

I’m excited to co-lead the next cohort with our most senior trainer, Sharlene Belusevic, who has been training leaders at Sistership Circle since 2016.

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