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Yes, Tanya and Team Sistership Circle!

I want to hold group containers for deep transformation … the feminine way … to establish myself as an influential leader, calling in the women who are attracted to my soul essence, need my medicine, and are willing to pay for it!

I’m psyched to create a path for women to go deeper with me by joining forces with you, the Sistership Circle team and the members of Mastery of Circle Leadership.

What I’m up to creating in this program is:

Crafting My 3 Unique Circle Offerings – weaving all of my gifts, strengths, talents and magic to express my soul work that I was born to do in 3 transformational circle containers that build on one another (1-day, 3-month and 5-day retreat)

Embodying My Feminine Leadership – showing up as my authentic self, giving women permission to be themselves and create real community with one another

Mastering Sacred Facilitation – massively expanding my capacity to hold anything that arises in the space from resistance to big emotions because I know how to navigate and utilize my own messiness

Guiding Individuals Deeper – taking women into their bodies to identify limited beliefs and release stuck energy during 15-minute hot seats with the Feminine Freedom Method


With all of the above, I go beyond the “beautiful sister gatherings” and elevate above the noise doing the work I was born to do, making a bigger impact in my community and the world at large. 

I confirm that I’m set up for success:

  • I currently hold space for clients (1 on 1 or group) or do work in self-development
  • People see me as a leader (friends, clients, or community)
  • I’ve sat in a Sistership Circle, or plan to do so before I join the program
  • I have an email list already set up

To create the results outlined above, I’ll receive the following benefits…

<> 2 Mastery Retreats – A Rite of Passage into Feminine Leadership (Feb 2023) – $15,000 value

Experience the “7 Biggest Breakthrough Moments For the Feminine” and deep dive into unraveling conditioning. I get to go through the process for my own leadership development as well as learn how to facilitate these deep containers.

<> Mastering the Transformational Circle Outline – $1000 value

Know how to set up the container and guide the group through the transformational arc

<> 13 Distinctions of Circle Leadership – $2000 value

These become second nature to me after practicing them throughout the year

<> My Signature Circle Offerings & Messaging – $5000 value

Crafted a circle program that brings forth my medicine and positioned it in a way that attracts my ideal participants

<> Confidently Handle the 7 Worst Case Scenarios  – $2000 value

Nothing scares me in the circle! Not only can I navigate my own mess and turn it into a message for the circle, but I have experienced the worst things that could happen and transmuted it into healing and growth.

<> 1 monthly skills practicum call (led by trainer) – $2400 value

Focus on a different facilitation skill and practice it either in a group hot seat or in breakouts

<> 1 monthly circle call (leadership rotation by Mastery students) – $1200 value

The group gathers in an online circle where 2 participants co-lead a transformational group experience and receives feedback from a trainer to uplevel your skills

<> 1 monthly embodiment call (led by trainer) – $2400 value

Focus on embodying 1-2 leadership distinctions and bring it into the body through ritual, movement, guided visualization and other activities

<> 1 monthly coaching & accountability call (led by trainer) – $2400 value

Bring case studies, ask questions related to business, and receive hot seat coaching to hone leadership, facilitation and business skills

<> 3 1:1 coaching sessions (with a trainer) – $1000 value

Work on releasing blocks with the Feminine Freedom Method or get coaching around the offering, messaging or business 

<> Unlimited Coaching via Telegram Messaging$5,000 value

Unlimited access to group coaching via telegram, a phone messaging app. Share struggles and receive support.

<> BONUSES to Amp Up Your Results

Business Building Bonuses – $2000 value

Lifetime Access to Facilitator Tribe – $1000 value

Program Value: $39,000+


All It Takes To Claim Your Space in Mastery of Circle Leadership is …

– All In – (includes the retreats)

If you enroll by December 31, 2022, you can get started with one payment of $3000, followed by 11 payments of $1097, spaced 30 days apart (total of 12 payments).

If you want to pay-in-full, it is $13,997.

– Virtual Only – 

If you enroll by December 31, 2022, you can get started with one payment of $997, followed by 11 payments of $997, spaced 30 days apart (total of 12 payments).

If you want to pay-in-full, it is $9,997.


Events and experiences may be virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Your enrollment is non-transferrable, non-refundable and adheres to a no-quit policy.

Full terms in Program Agreement (which you will receive from the team on signing)

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