Mastery Retreat: Into the Depths

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I’m SO excited that you’re called to the Mastery “Into the Depths” 4-Day Intensive Retreat …

Here’s the story

I’m bringing together a select group of high-achieving coaches, therapists & healers…and giving them the tools to embody their feminine leadership and facilitate deep, intimate, and potent transformational group containers without their clients being derailed by resistance, confusion, or fear.

Imagine being able to…

  • Instantly turn on your feminine superpowers of intuition, presence and compassion to gracefully guide the transformational journey you are taking the group on
  • Quantum leap over years of inner work with a tool that immediately takes you to the root of what’s blocking you from your highest leadership potential and clearing it out of your system
  • Always know exactly how to drop from your mind chatter into your body to keep yourself grounded no matter what
  • Quickly stop freezing in fear, doubt or worry when someone gets triggered so that you are consistently creating safety to work through blocks and resistance that comes up
  • Identify the personality patterns in the group and which ones may be triggered by you so that you can prevent power struggles

If you are feeling hesitant to take a group deep in fear of not knowing how to handle challenging situations that may come up, I’m going to teach you how to be the rock in the midst of the storm, because that’s what it means to be a rockstar transformational facilitator. 

Being rock solid and unfazed by triggers, power trips, resistance, emotions and trauma.

When you take people through a transformational process, all of that mess comes up.

But when you are able to go deep within yourself and can stand grounded in your feminine power, you become unshakeable in the face of it all.

The result?

Trust. Which means they will go deep. And when they do, palpable change happens.

This creates raving fans and growing sisterhood.

In other words, filling your group programs!

Who you are being as a feminine leader is the foundation of your work as a transformational facilitator. And I say “feminine” because those are the qualities that allow you to be with the mysterious, scary unknown that comes up in a transformational journey.

Your embodied confidence is paramount to your success.

Instead of freezing, spinning out, checking out, getting upset, or forcing an outcome when a challenge arises in the group …

our Master Circle Leaders are able to access their inner wisdom and switch into their feminine power to gracefully guide the group from their mess to get the message.

During this 4-day, deeply powerful immersion, you’ll…

  • Transform old patterns that have kept you holding back, playing small and being in your head to being the leader who brings her full magic to the container
  • Practice the process of turning the mess into medicine so that you no longer feel fear around something going “wrong” and instead have an attitude of “bring it on!”
  • Understand exactly what has people feel unsafe and how to quickly guide them to presence where they can access their inner wisdom to overcome resistance
  • Learn powerful tools to instantly drop into your body and specifically to access the deepest seat of your power so that you feel a sense of knowing in the face of uncertainty
  • Gain valuable experience going into the depths yourself to gain awareness, compassion and wisdom when facilitating similar experiences for others
  • Discover the skill stopping yourself from collapsing from heavy emotions and instead be able to share with empowered vulnerability
  • Work through old boundary ruptures to dismantle any barriers you have up to protect yourself as you learn to set healthy, loving boundaries that create safety and connection with your group
  • Gain greater awareness around the various ways resistance comes up and how to gently move the group through the transformational process with ease  
  • BONUS: Experience a Labrinth walk ritual to gain clarity on your vision and mission as a transformational facilitator


Arrive after 3pm on Wed August 9 at Questhaven.

Dinner will be served around 6 – 7pm.

We will begin at 9am on Thursday August 10.

All meals will be provided.

We will finish by 11am on Sunday August 13.


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