Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader (eBook)



The divine feminine is rising and calling women to step into leadership. Tanya Paluso has captured the essence of what it means to be a new generation feminine leader. In raw, vulnerable prose, Tanya tells the story of her arduous journey to leadership and lays out how women – in sisterhood – will save the planet. It will be one woman at a time claiming her birthright and taking a stand for all that is good in the world.  A new generation feminine leader is a woman who loves, accepts, and forgives herself.

Open Your Heart helps bring women together in sisterhood to empower themselves and each other. With this book you learn about finding your voice and using it; claiming your power and vanquishing shame and blame; loving unconditionally for the sake of generations to come; and partnering with men in the most satisfying and heartfelt way possible.

Tanya talks about feminine leadership as a rallying cry for putting yourself first so you can turn toward helping to save the rest of the planet. She takes the concepts of effective communication and collaboration out of theory and into actionable steps.

In this book, you will learn how to personify, express and engage as a feminine leader in the world through core principles surrounding tribe, as well as embodied practices such as inquiry journaling and affirming rituals. You will know what you need to do next in your life after reading this book!

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