Feminine Frequency Restored



Do you find it difficult to receive?

Is the mother, sister or witch wound getting in your way, leaving you paralyzed and defeated?

Are you tired of feeling like your dreams are so near and so possible one minute and so elusive and far away the next?

If so, you don’t want to miss Feminine Frequency Restored – a 3 hour workshop experience where you’ll travel into the depths of your frequency to unearth your core feminine wounds, align with what you truly want and expand your capacity to receive.

As women, receiving is one of our feminine super powers. We are designed by nature to receive.

Only for most of us, our feminine receptivity has been stunted and diminished. Our Goddess-given propensity to receive has been replaced with struggle, guilt, shame and unworthiness, thwarting our capacity to receive and getting in the way of us having what we truly want.

Yet we can give so easily.

The balance is off.

Giving is more masculine, receiving is feminine, so of course, in a world where the masculine has been prioritized and favored, we have become experts at giving and so inept at receiving.

It is time to tip the scales and restore our feminine frequency because your capacity to receive AND your feminine frequency is EVERYTHING.

Both play a huge role in determining your life and whether or not your dreams, visions and desires come to manifest.

Our ability to receive is determined by our inner world.

And it is our inner world, our inner frequency, where we hold all the trauma, triggers, limiting beliefs and other shizzle that keeps us in a perpetual state of:

“I’m not enough,” “I am undeserving,” and “that’s not possible for me…”

…and all those other blocks which get in the way of us receiving what we truly dream of and desire.

Whatever you feel like you cannot have, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN, and we want to show you how.

It is time for you to thrive. It is time for you to receive all that your heart truly desires and it is time for you to feel within the depths of your being that anything, ANYTHING is possible.

All it takes is the restoration of your feminine frequency.

So, if you are ready to heal your feminine receptivity wound, expand your capacity to receive more of whatever you want and if you want to make 2024 your best  year EVER, you are going to want to join us for our transformative, 3 hour live workshop – Feminine Frequency Restored.

Wednesday, December 13th
11:30am – 2:30pm PST
Pay what you can to join us!

Come ready to experience feminine frequency energy healing as well as insight into your own wounded feminine. Leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired, ready to make 2024 your best year EVER.

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