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Rise into Your Leadership (SEPT 2023)

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If you’re ready to create a transformational women’s circle that develops real, meaningful sisterhood, and get the tips, tools and techniques to create a circle that’s safe, sacred and sold out, then join us for this experiential and embodied event.

Day 1 – Lead: Turn Your Circles into Transformational Experiences​

9 – 10am – How to Create a Safe and Sacred Container

10 – 11am – 9 Pillars of the How To Lead Circle Blueprint

11 – 12pm – Tanya in Action with a Circle Demo

12 – 1pm – Unpacking the Demo

Day 2 – Fill: Attract Your Ideal Community & Sell Out Month After Month​

9 – 10am – The Secret to Selling Out: Activating Your Feminine Leadership Archetype

10 – 11am – The Radiance Ritual to Attract Your Community

11 – 12pm – 3 Secrets to Start Your Circle in 90 Days or Less

12 – 1pm – Panel of Level 1, 2 and 3 Graduates

Day 3 – Grow: Increase Your Income & Impact with the Circle Business Model​

9 – 10am – Breakout Circles on Currency

10 – 11am – Meet the How to Lead Circle Trainers: Keys to Mastering Circle Work

11 – 12pm – Commitment: Working the Circle Biz Model

12 – 1pm – 4 Stages of Community (& the Best Event Ending You’ve Ever Experienced)


Because we want to make this accessible to every woman around the world no matter what your situation is, we’re offering a “pay-what-you-can” tuition for this event.

What this means is you can pay any amount as long as you pay at least $27 USD.

The full tuition for this event is $197 USD. However, if you can only pay $27, $37, whatever, we honor you. This is a judgment-free space so don’t feel bad about it.

My request is that you commit to showing up, no excuses!

FYI: If you cannot attend all the sessions due to work or time zone differences (you can see the exact session times listed in the FAQ section below (hyperlink), we’ve got you covered.

We’re going to offer unrestricted access to the session replays for 10 days until midnight Sept 27 (Eastern Standard Time).

This should allow you the space to take in the content at your own pace.

However, if you feel like you need more time, here’s the deal:

You can choose to pay the full tuition at $197 USD and have lifetime access to ALL session recordings.

This aligns with our motto “no sister left behind.”

If you want to “check us out” first, let us know after the event and you can pay the difference between what you paid when you registered and the full tuition of $197 USD.

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