Samhain Circle Outline

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In this circle outline, we’re celebrating All Hallows Eve and honoring our ancestors who have paved the way before us. 

This time of year is when we have the opportunity to celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth as the veil between our world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest. Now is the perfect time to communicate with someone on the other side.  

We’ll be reflecting on the wisdom our ancestors share and looking forward to what we want to create for the next 7 generations of our lineage. 

Outline includes:

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters about an ancestor that has influenced your life

* VISUALIZATION to connect with your ancestors and seek their wisdom and guidance 

* MOVEMENT to honor your ancestors and all that has been before you 

* VISUALIZATION to call in your spirits to support what you want to create in the world

* RITUAL to give thanks and celebrate All Hallows Eve 

This product includes:

The outline in Word, Pages and PDF; plus marketing materials including memes, banners, event copy and promotional materials.


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