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“Seeds of Feminine Essence” Circle Outline & Marketing Materials



To sustain this beautiful planet, we must first sustain ourselves.

As women, we are constantly taking care of everyone else, then feel overwhelmed and burned out because we aren’t receiving enough nourishment and nurturance.

Then we don’t want to feel because it’s just too much.

So it all gets bottled up and we become hard, tense and rigid.

Ready to let go?

In this circle outline, we call forth compassion, care, and courage so that we can fully feel, soften and release what we are holding.

In doing so, we expand our capacity to open our hearts to heal ourselves, our sisters and our planet.

Women will leave feeling more deeply connected with the DIVINE MOTHER, wrapped in her all encompassing love.

In this circle outline:

✨ MEDITATION – to activate and liberate the feminine principle within your heart

 MOVEMENT – to celebrate yourself and your sisters as daughters of Mother Gaia

✨ INTIMATE – sharing with sisters so you feel held and supported and connected with the divine feminine

✨ RITUAL – to soften and release where you might feel blocked or hardened to then activate the seeds of compassion, nourishment, nurturance, and receptivity

✨ CEREMONY – to embrace the Divine Mother & feel the Divine Mother embracing you

Also included is:

  • marketing materials for your event page and social media
  • a video where you can experience a virtual circle being held with this outline
  • outline in Word document so you can edit and add time stamps and other notes


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