Step into Your Power, Magic and Confidence to Rise Together in Sisterhood

Suggested Price: $97.00

Min. $1.00


This event is connecting to our sisters, our heart, and to healing ourselves. I’ve never felt so safe with women before. It gave me a sense of belonging. My experience of Tanya is everything I saw in her online. She’s authentic, she’s real, and she has the biggest heart. And she’s edgy. She showed me that I can do it, I can be my edgy self. If you aren’t sure if you should come to the event, breathe it in, follow your intuition, and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be with us, you’re going to feel all the love and it’s awesome.

– Stacy Feliciano, Hawai


It’s a wonderful event of sisters from various backgrounds and cultures who come together for one soul purpose: and that is to support, love, and uplift each other. And when you have that kind of power in one room, nothing is impossible. People have healed, I think people’s lives won’t be the same, I know mine won’t. We go deep here. We pull back all the layers, from pain and mistrust, and we say, this is the authentic piece we want to see. The real YOU. And we want that real you to shine. It’s in that shining that other people are free to shine. It’s in that liberation that we liberate the world. If you are on the fence about joining, get off the fence and into the pool. 

– Naki Alayio, Washington DC


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