Warrioress (Wonder Woman) Archetype Activation



When is the last time you have felt unsafe?

Ask a room full of men and women, and at least 99% of women will say within the past few days. The men, not so much.

Invoking the Warrior Goddess, or Warrioress, gives us access to feeling safe.

She also gives us access to setting boundaries.
Access to taking a stand for ourselves and what we believe in.
Access to fighting for human rights.
Access being able to make change.

She is actually the least represented and understood archetype for women—distorted and misunderstood by the dominant patriarchal culture. Any expression of warrioress is met with condemnation and judgment—belittled by immature males.

Draw on her when you feel:
Like a victim
Your masculine side is weak
Stuck and unable to take action
A loss of focus from self-doubt and confusion.

While she is a fighter, this is not to be confused with the modern day disease of war. She fights in the name of love, as the embodiment of fierce love. Her spirit is kind, compassionate, generous and warm. She is all about service.

She provides conviction.
She provides strength.
She provides courage.
She provides purpose.
She provides clarity.
She provides independence.
She provides action.
She provides humility.

For the purpose of this Activation, we focus on breaking free from the confines of patriarchal Society, but different than the Wild Woman.

The Warrioress activation is focused on taking a stand for yourself and what you believe in. By allowing your warrioress to emerge as confident, strong, fierce and powerful, you become unstoppable in bringing your purpose into fruition.

You must stand for truth in the world, and not shrink back from your own shadow.
You must see yourself as a creatrix and never a victim.
You must face yourself first before you face the evil in the world because it is all an outer reflection of your inner psyche.

“Are you ready, sister, to be initiated as a Warrior Goddess, to call upon your own courage and strength to fulfill on your sacred purpose? To be a vessel of love in the world?”

It’s time to reclaim your power.

Included in this package:
* Meditation – Meeting Wonder Woman and your truth (transcript & mp3)
* Ritual – Be Your Own Shero (transcript)
* Wonder Woman Medicine Bag


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