“Wild, Free & Unleashed” Circle Outline & Marketing Materials



In this circle outline, we’re allowing all our wild, untamed thoughts and emotions to be expressed, flow through us and be witnessed.

When we connect to all parts of ourselves and reclaim our voice, we tap into that part of ourselves that is fully self-expressed, lit up and sacred.

We shake off the obligations, the shoulds, and reclaim our beliefs about how we fully express ourselves in the world – wild, beautiful and untamed.

This circle outline includes:

✨ MEDITATION to call upon your wild woman and seek guidance to your truth, freedom and wildness.

✨ MOVEMENT to shake off society’s obligations and give full permission to fully express yourself.

✨ INTIMATE SHARING with sisters to reflect on your relationship with being wild and free.

✨ RITUAL  to let go of past conditioning and reclaim your beautiful, untamed wild side.

✨CEREMONY to examine your beliefs and banish those that no longer serve you.

Also included is:

  • marketing materials for your event page and social media
  • a video where you can experience a virtual circle being held with this outline
  • outline in Word document so you can edit and add time stamps and other notes


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