Wild Woman Archetype Activation


Instead of learning how to be WILD, we learned from society to be GOOD.

We have worn the mask of the GOOD GIRL, covering up our wild innate nature underneath.

For you, reconnecting with your wild woman may look like owning your inner:

Mary Magdalene
Innocent Nature girl
Spiritual Way-shower

It may look like reclaiming your voice, your pussy, your womb, your body.
It may look like reclaiming your fierce power or your quiet intuition.

For each woman, she shows up differently.

So for the purpose of this Activation, we focus on freeing you up from the confines of Patriarchal Society, giving you the space to:

– release SHAME in the body for being born a woman to wear your womanhood as a badge of honor and and grace
– lay down the mask of the GOOD GIRL who only aims to please and perfect at the detriment of her own happiness
– reconnect with your INTUITION to find your way back home to yourself
– reawaken your animal INSTINCT from your belly to your throat

Included in this package:
* Meditation – Meeting the Wild Woman Witch & Crone of Death, Baba Yaga (transcript & mp3)
* Ritual – Releasing the Danger, Reclaiming the Wild (transcript)
* Rewilding bonus interview with Sabrina Lynn (mp3 and mp4)

By allowing your wild woman to emerge as unshakeable, integral and sacred, you can then ground into the deepest knowing of your unique feminine soul.

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