Winter Solstice Circle Outline



Winter Solstice (December 21) – $47 value

In this circle outline, we’re honoring the shortest day and longest night, the winter solstice. We’re reflect and release any darkness from the winter months and look forward to the things that bring us hope, faith and joy in our lives.  

Outline includes:

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters to reflect on the past few months and celebrate the joy in your life

* RITUAL to tap into your creativity and create symbols of hope and joy for your home

* MOVEMENT to release any darkness that may still linger within you

* GIFT EXCHANGE to share wisdom within circle

* SONG to celebrate women coming together and all that sisterhood brings to your life

This product includes:

The outline in Word, Pages and PDF; plus marketing materials including memes, banners, event copy and promotional materials.


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