Witch Wound Workshop

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Do you have trouble speaking your truth?

Feel a constriction in the throat chakra?

This is a common sign of the witch wound, which is one of the 3 major wounds of the feminine:

Sister (Maiden), Mother and Witch (Crone).

Between the years 1500 and 1660, up to 80,000 suspected witches were put to death in Europe. Around 80 percent of them were women thought to be in cahoots with the Devil and filled with lust.

This affects us as women today because of the intergenerational trauma that has been passed down through the generations and women’s collective fear of being persecuted for speaking up and/or going against the status quo.

If you are a spiritual woman rising up in your feminine leadership, it’s imperative that you gain confidence to share your message with the world.

So healing the witch wound can support you in freeing your voice as you no longer fear being burned at the stake.

During this workshop, you’ll experience:

*Powerful sharing to witness how the witch wound shows up for each woman on the call
*A transmission to release any intergenerational trauma stored in your body
*A voice activation exercise to let go of fear of speaking, singing, or screaming
*A ritual to reclaim your magic and stand in your witchiness despite what others think
*Guidance and facilitation tools to take women through a “Healing the Inner Witch” circle outline so that you can bring this to your community

As Starhawk said in her book The Spiral Dance:

The word Witch carries so many negative connotations that many people wonder why we use it at all. Yet to reclaim the word Witch is to reclaim our right, as women, to be powerful; as men, to know the feminine within as divine. To be a Witch is to identify with nine million victims of bigotry and hatred and to take responsibility for shaping a world in which prejudice claims no more victims. A Witch is a “shaper,” a creator who bends the unseen into form, and so becomes one of the Wise, one whose life is infused with magic.

If we heal the witch wound, we can heal intergenerational trauma that has been passed down from our ancestors.

By healing these wounds, we can rise up together in sisterhood.

By increasing the divine feminine energy in the world, we can tip the scale back to balance with the masculine.

When we reclaim the word witch, we take back our power and rights as women to be powerful and magical.

We must share our tools, our gifts, our magic with the world.

Anything is possible in the world when we believe, and reclaim our rights as women.

Ready to activate your magic and rise?

Join us!


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