Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook: Summer Edition (eBook)


When women come to Sistership Circle to learn how to lead circles, the #1 question they have is: what’s the structure and what rituals should I use to create a powerful and potent experience?
So we curated a group of talented facilitators to each contribute a ritual that they love, as well as inspirational stories on why they circle, including:

  • Use sacred movement with free-writing to allow your purpose to speak through you
  • Embrace and give thanks for the abundance in your life with this Summer Solstice ritual
  • Meet your inner voice of judgement with the medicine of compassion with a popular Body Shame Healing ritual
  • Honor the divine by creating an altar within yourself 
  • Get into a space of deep play and allow your intuition to create a magical oracle deck 
  • Experience the interconnectedness of all life through communion with a circle of tree
  • Invoke Kuan Yin and Isis to ground in Inner Alchemy and Self Love
  • Feel more rested, renewed, courageous, creative and held with a Yoga Nidra meditation
  • Develop ways for your community to transition through life changes together
  • Use a Labyrinth to work out an issue and transform your shadow
  • Deepen your sacred relationship with the elemental forces of creation
  • Plus receive complimentary resources from each contributor to support you in going deeper

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