Women's Circle Ritual Handbook: Winter Edition


When women come to Sistership Circle to learn how to lead circles, the #1 question they have is: what’s the structure and what rituals should I use to create a powerful and potent experience?
So we curated a group of talented facilitators to each contribute a ritual that they love, as well as inspirational stories on why they circle, including:

  • Cultivate feelings of strength and calm as you call in the wisdom and power of Grandmother Spider
  • Invoke a world of magic and possibility for your children with a family Solstice ritual
  • Get clear with your intentions and envision your desired outcome for the new year
  • Reconnect with your womb in a loving way with a yoni steam ritual
  • Connect with Hekate’s wisdom to release any burdens you are carrying
  • Experience Na ii es, a Coming Out ritual, to celebrate the life transition 
  • Refresh and fortify yourself for the winter with a Brighid ritual
  • Meet, greet and connect with the lover in you 
  • Awaken intuition, inner vision, and truth with a Self-Love Cacao Ceremony
  • Plus receive complimentary resources from each contributor to support you in going deeper

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