Workshop: Co-Create a Powerful June Gemini New Moon Outline

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One of my secrets of creating powerful potent outlines is … NOT CREATING BY MYSELF!

Put 2 brains together and you have magic. Put a dozen+ brains together and you have seriously opened a portal.

Most outlines at Sistership Circle are created by at least 2 sisters or a group.

When you start bringing other women in to collaborate for your circles, you’re going to notice your community grow and become more engaged.

That’s why we want to demonstrate this process and have you get the recipe for our secret sauce.

What you’ll receive:
* Participation in the co-creation call to understand the step by step process to use over and over again
* License to use the New Moon Outline we co-create together as many times as you wish
* Additional ideas for potent questions, rituals and visualizations for future outlines
* Marketing Materials to promote this circle gathering to your community
* Lifetime access to the Replay


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