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Workshop: Create Your Own Circle Outline By Tapping into Divine Source

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How do you use your own creativity and come up with a powerful outline that resonates with your community and draws in a sold out circle?

In this second workshop, we’re going to walk you through our step by step process to come up with your own outline using your unique medicine, tapping into the collective consciousness to attract the perfect fit participants AND how to promote it in a way that is enticing.

What you’ll receive:
* Participation in the workshop to understand the step by step process to use over and over again
* Watch (or receive) hot seats where we create some outlines on the spot
* How to create your marketing materials to promote this circle gathering to your community
* Identify who will resonate with your circle gathering and what to post on social media
* Outline Template with an example so you see exactly how to structure yours
* Lifetime access to the Replay


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