Queen’s Council

When I ask most women how they feel about the queen archetype, they tell me that it is the hardest for them to embody (and the scariest!) This is primarily because the queen has gotten such a bad reputation from Disney movies and fairy tales as the Evil Queen, the Ice Queen, the Queen Bee and the Shadow Queen. When the Queen is in her healthy vibrancy, she is benevolent and serves from the heart. She is a messenger for truth and inspires others to be kind, loving and harmonious. Listen to this Activation Audio and use this Handout to invoke her light qualities, bring awareness to her shadow aspects and integrate the parts of yourself that keep you from embracing this powerful feminine leader archetype.

Queen Qualities Handout

Queen Activation Audio

Do you struggle to get your needs met? Do you ever feel burned out, resentful or even rageful at the people around you? For the queen to serve from her heart, she must first fill her cup. She must feel like she is serving from overflow instead of depletion. Use this visualization to identify what needs are not being met and what it feels like so you can integrate your shadow queen and step into your healthy vibrancy.

Get Your Needs Met Audio

In a world filled with FORCE and POWER OVER, the new paradigm Queen steps in to serve from her power within. She’s connected with her heart and is able to make choices for all areas of her life from a place of empowerment. In this audio, you will connect with your inner power and transform any areas where you feel disempowered.

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