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What is a Virtual Moon Circle?

The moon itself is the ultimate symbol of the feminine. Her cyclical nature and ability to hold light and dark simultaneously is a testament to some of the qualities naturally inherent in all women. She is ancient, mystical and connected to a greater whole – just like you, me and all other women on the planet. 

This is why new moon and full moon circles are on the rise, because the feminine is rising and so many women are waking up to the gifts that women and the feminine have to offer. 

These online gatherings are a safe and sacred place to release what’s no longer serving and reclaim our power by working with a transformational theme based on the astrology of the moon. We connect in sisterhood through deep, meaningful conversations and doing rituals together.

*Because we are demonstrating what it looks like to hold safe and sacred space, we ask that you are either fully present on the call or watch the recording.  If you are unable to participate during the call, we’ll ask that you respectively bow out and listen to the recording instead.

Full Moon

The full moon represents illumination and coming out. It is a time when the moon is in its fullness in the night sky, providing us with the opportunity to express ourselves and celebrate (especially if we find we are ovulating at this time).

The full moon is also symbolic of clarity and focusing our energy in the direction that best serves us. It is a potent time for us to charge up your energy and channel it toward manifesting the things that you want in your life.

During this Full Moon Activation Circle you will:

New Moon

The new moon represents darkness and going inwards. It is a time when we cannot actually see the moon in the night sky, providing us with the opportunity to tune into our increased sensitivity and awareness (especially if we find we are menstruating at this time). 

The new moon is also symbolic of death and rebirth or the energy of destroying and creating. It marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and as with any beginning, it is an opportunity to get present to what needs to die and what wants to come to life. It’s a time to tap into your creativity and tune into new possibilities.

During this New Moon Activation Circle you will:

How it Works

Sign up

Select your circle and pay what you can to attend. If this is your first time, you’ll create an account and log in every time you purchase something from Sistership Circle.

Check Your Email

You will receive a confirmation email to the address you signed up with and then a details email at least 48 hours before the circle that includes what to bring, the Zoom link and other important information.

Login & Respect the Space

Our circles are interactive, we expect you to come on video or audio, open and ready to connect with other women. Because we are demonstrating what it looks like to hold safe and sacred space, we ask that you are either fully present on the call or watch the recording. If you are unable to participate during the call, we'll ask that you respectively bow out and listen to the recording instead. It only works if everyone is part of the circle (it would kind of be like sitting in the corner while the rest of the group sat in a circle in the middle of the room, awkward right?)


We will send the recording only to women who have paid the full price. Please note that we do not give refunds, even if you do not attend live.

What to Expect

Opening Ceremony

We arrive on time and set up a safe and sacred space for the circle.

Exploring the Theme

We talk about the lessons of this month’s moon theme and start to activate energy within ourselves.

Circle Sharing in breakout rooms

We create potent questions to dive deep into the theme and relate it to your own life. We share in circle to be witnessed and come to understand that we are not alone.


We embody the theme through music and dance, free to turn off the camera or leave it on to be fully self-expressed.

Ritual, Guided Visualization, or Paired Shares

We create a transformational experience through various activities to embody the theme.

Closing Ceremony

We close sacred space and receive the medicine from circle and the sisterhood.

Join Us Sister & experience transformation

Who It’s For

Who’s holding you as you hold everyone else?

As women, we are natural caregivers, taking care of those around us, whether that is family, friends, colleagues, or clients.

This is your safe and sacred space to let your hair down and be seen as your true authentic self. Come in your PJs with your makeup off; the circle accepts you just as you are.

This circle is for any woman who wants to step into her leadership, whether that is in her family, community, or the world at large.

You need a place to:

What Makes Sistership Circle Different?

Sometimes, circles can feel a bit “woo” and only in the feminine. We believe in the balance of both masculine and feminine energies. It’s like a glass cup holding water. The cup is the masculine, the container, supporting and holding the feminine. The water is the feminine. If the cup wasn’t there, the water would spill all over, seeping into the floor or evaporating. We need both containment and flow to create a powerful circle experience that feels safe and sacred.

A circle exists only when each member is participating. What this means is this circle is not a place where you half-listen while multi-tasking. Each woman is fully present, sharing, connecting, and doing the rituals together.

We believe that when each woman shows up brave – bold, responsible, authentic, vulnerable and empathetic – the circle then becomes safe. We don’t play it safe, holding back, waiting for someone else to give us permission. We step into our power and engage with the circle, knowing it is a reflection of who we are being and what we are doing.

Our leadership model is based on co-creation, which means we believe each woman in the circle is a leader and has something to contribute to the whole. We are each a spoke on the wheel, and the wheel only turns when each spoke is functioning. Many times, more than one facilitator is leading, and we ask participants to lead various sections. This is the new model where we value each other’s strengths and celebrate each other’s magic.


My experience with Sistership Circle was nothing short of transformational! I loved the openness and fun that our circle gathering brought out in every woman present. We dove deep and it was nice to feel supported, heard, and connected throughout it all. By the end, I felt empowered with a deeper understanding of myself and an even greater capacity to trust in other women. At first, I was nervous about sharing, but Tanya did a wonderful job of making it feel safe to do so. Best of all, she grounded the energy of what came up within the circle so that I walked away feeling whole and able to embody the insight that came through for me.

Dominique Wilson

One of my favorite parts was the breakout room, it gave me a chance to talk and connect with a woman from another country. Being able to soak about ourselves and then not to feel so alone but to find sisters who share the same energy. I was a bit nervous at first because this was my first sister circle, during I enjoyed how love light and energy was easier throughout the group just by us all listening, sharing, lighting candles, and sending loving energy by opening our hands to the person after speaking. Afterwords I felt really inspired to start a sister circle to keep this going.

LaTosha Chappell

The feeling of being submerged in such a wonderful healing space is hard to put into words. It’s a feeling of warmth and safety, a space provided by women. Thank you for creating this beautiful forest in which it is safe to play and discover and ok to rest.


Tanya and her team create such a wonderful urturing space, a sacred space over brimming with love, and connection. I was made so welcome, included and very informative and step by step masterful guidance, would recommend, and already have shared it with so many of my sisters. I have been searching for place to connect with my purpose and grow and this sure feels right the place

Marie tolman

I really enjoyed connecting with like minded women. It felt like we were in person. The event was so well organized. We had break up rooms for more intimate shares, as well as great insights with the whole group. Thank you!

Svetla "Sunny" Grigorova

I loved watching the flow of the event--a bigger view. I was hosting an event that evening, so I was looking at it with facilitator eyes.

Monika Adams

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