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and transition out of the grind of 1:1 and into the financially abundant container of group facilitation.

For Therapists, Healers, & Coaches ready to transition their 1:1 practice to leading impactful groups without experiencing overwhelm, burn-out, or fatigue

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The Art of

Transformational Group Facilitation

Women’s Circle Facilitator Training

Friday, March 17th, 2023 | 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST

People Are Looking For More

Your clients want to feel connected and experience a sense of belonging, they want a community they can pour themselves into. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves, which means 1:1 coaching can leave them feeling unfulfilled. Women are looking for a sisterhood where they can open up and experience a level of healing that 1:1 can’t offer…

Your 1:1 Work Has Lost It’s Luster

You feel this global movement towards community deep in your bones.

This is one reason your 1:1 work has lost its luster. You do good work, you are transforming lives, but something is missing. It’s not quite … enough. No matter how successful you are, you aren’t quite fulfilled.

The 1:1 model can be exhausting because it requires you to do all of the heavy lifting. Everything is on your shoulders…

You can only serve so many people per week and it’s completely reliant on you and your energy output, so if you’re slightly distracted then you aren’t present and this is an issue…

You are limited in your impact, not reaching as many people since you are constrained by the time that you can commit to each person

The Solution

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This 3-Day interactive retreat is an immersive experience into the deeper work we do in the Mastery of Circle Leadership Certification.
You will be given an invitation to learn more about Mastery, if you desire to go deeper….

This Live Event Starts In...





When you know how to facilitate transformational “experiences” and embody the confidence of a visionary leader, you step into a new realm of influence, attracting perfect-fit people to your containers with ease.

You sell out your programs because everyone is telling their friends and family about you…
You build a raving sisterhood community that will stay together for the long run (which means you won’t constantly be on the hunt for new clients).
And establish yourself as a well-paid thought leader, creating the impact that you desire.

All while enjoying the rest of your life … because work isn’t everything.

What This Means For You

Operating in the Circle framework is going to open up doors for you and your business that you never thought were possible.

You’re going to be able to:

The Agenda

Here’s what you can expect during our time together
Day 1: Create a Transformational Group Experience (Wed July 26)

You’re going to learn my exact structure along with my secret sauce that makes it an unforgettable and transformational experience that wows them, making them raving fans. 

I’m also going to show you how to make this unique to your skills and expertise so that you stand out from the crowd as an influential thought leader.

Day 2: Create Depth, Potency and Intimacy (Thurs July 27)

It may feel like 1:1 is the best way to deliver depth, but I’m going to show you how a group format can be even more effective …

AND takes the weight off your shoulders so you aren’t under pressure to always produce results.

In addition, you’ll learn exactly how to create the connection in the group that will become the glue of a thriving community so you aren’t constantly looking for new clients.


Day 3: Create your Inspiring, Mission-Driven Business Plan (Fri July 28)

If you have been feeling bored, trapped, or constricted by your current work, it’s time to create a bigger vision that inspires the right women to rally as a community behind your mission.

You’ll learn a step-by-step framework and process that streamlines everything, making it easy for you to transition and grow your business.

Dates & Times

All Sessions are Virtual

Wed – July 26, 2023

9am PST – 1pm PST

Thurs – July 27, 2023

9am PST – 1pm PS

Fri – July 28, 2023

9am PST – 1pm PST

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This 3-Day interactive retreat is an immersive experience into the deeper work we do in the Mastery of Circle Leadership Certification.
You will be given an invitation to learn more about Mastery, if you desire to go deeper….

This is not your typical teach-and-preach online event.
This is an experiential and embodied experience where you get to feel what it’s like to be in a powerful circle container.
Because if you really want to create the magic, you have to have the visceral experience of it first.

This Training in the Art of Facilitating Group Transformation Will Activate:

1) CONFIDENCE in an embodied way … that you see yourself as a leader who is becoming a real, deal influencer because women trust you in your authenticity.

2) CONNECTION with sisterhood … that you are no longer the lone wolf doing it all by yourself, but trust other women have your back, inspiring you to create a community of women supporting and empowering each other.

3) CLARITY around your greater purpose … that you were led to this deeper work for a reason and it’s time for you to embrace your feminine leadership and step into the next level of your sacred work.

Here’s what you can expect at

The Art of Facilitating Group Transformation

Meet your master facilitator and trainer

Tanya Lynn is the visionary founder of Sistership Circle, a seven figure global organization that has trained tens of thousands of women how to fill, lead and grow their women’s circles. With her truth telling style of leadership, she has a gift of seeing the brilliance in women and activating them to step into their power.

She has successfully integrated the masculine and feminine within herself, making her both fierce and soft, strategic and able to surrender, mission driven yet highly relatable with her vulnerability.

She has been gathering community since growing up as a little girl in San Diego CA, and lived in various places around the world including China, Japan, Spain and currently Costa Rica where she’s building a goddess temple and retreat center with her husband and business partner Brent.

Tanya is the best selling author of multiple books including Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader, The Art of Leading Circle and The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook.

You can count on Tanya to show up no matter what, take 100% responsibility for herself, and receive feedback to make her work even better. She values integrity, authenticity and co-creative leadership. When she’s not in a circle or training leaders, you can find her with her two daughters Kali and Summer.

How Do You Know If This Is For YOU?


The Alchemy of Circle is an opportunity for women who are burnt out, tired of doing their 1:1 coaching, therapy, or healing and are looking for a way to create lasting change and impact without increasing the hours worked…

If you’re:

Maxing out your 1:1 calendar and you’re ready to scale so you have more time in your day…
Dreading your next coaching call (and keep rescheduling them) because you’re booking clients that don’t align with you because you need cash…
Not able to quit your “day job” but are ready to create change in women’s lives in a group container without having to worry about all of the BS administrative work…
Tired and worn out but not willing to give up on your dream of influencing lives and changing the way women live…

Then grab your seat at the Alchemy of Circle Event because we have a special opportunity for you to overcome the problems that you are facing and experience massive change in your own life.

Your Time Is Now…


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