The Art of Transformational Group Facilitation

A 3-Day experience for coaches, healers, therapists, spiritual teachers and influencers who want to transition from their 1:1 practice to leading impactful groups that are sacred, deep and connected without burn out, overwhelm or exhaustion.

The coaching and healing industry has exploded over the past decade, and with more people waking up, it is an attractive career for those who want to make a difference.
What has made people so sick and depressed is the isolation, disconnection and division in our modern society. Humanity has lost our way. People have forgotten who they are, why they are here, and what brings them true fulfillment.

But people don’t just want to work on themselves. They want to feel connected and experience a sense of belonging. Essentially, they want But people don’t just want to work on themselves. They want to feel connected and experience a sense of belonging. Essentially, they want community. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

You feel this deep in your bones. This is one reason your 1:1 work has lost its luster. You do good work, you are transforming lives, but something is missing. It’s not quite … enough. No matter how successful you are, you aren’t quite fulfilled.
The 1:1 model can be exhausting. You can only serve so many people per week and it’s completely reliant on you and your energy output. You are limited in your impact, not reaching as many people. And unless you are jacking up your prices (serving only a very high level clientele), you are also limiting your income.

Behind every successful coach, healer, and therapist is a proven step-by-step process that allows you to connect with and lead women to deep transformation...

The solution:

Build a community around your mission-driven business by taking people through transformational group experiences … the feminine way.

That’s a mouth full … so let’s break that down.

When you create a transformational process, a journey, that people go through together as a group to experience your work, they form a bond with one another.

This bond becomes the seed for community. As more and more people go through this transformational journey, they become part of something bigger than themselves.

With this community, your business becomes something entirely different … a mission driven movement with a deeper meaning, a WHY at the heart and soul of it. This WHY becomes something that people are inspired by, can rally behind, and want to be part of. It’s bigger than their own individual healing and they know it.

When you have a growing, thriving community rallying around your business, you no longer have to do all the heavy lifting. There is a natural magnetic pull from the group energy.

You are no longer just a coach, healer or therapist. You are a thought leader. The person who created that transformational journey. This is how you create a legacy with your signature body of work.

Now here’s the kicker … when you have “circle” become the container for your transformational group experience, this is what creates the bond of connection. It’s what holds the group to dive deep together and have a profoundly sacred experience.

This is what I mean by “the feminine way.”

You may not know what a “circle” is … or think of a women’s circle as a group of women gathering for the full moon to do ritual together.

What I’m talking about is far beyond that type of circle.

There is a specific methodology and structure that makes each session become a transformational experience and connects each session into a life changing process or journey.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to uncover during our 3-day experience.




This 3-Day interactive retreat is an immersive experience into the deeper work we do in the Mastery of Circle Leadership Certification.
You will be given an invitation to learn more about Mastery, if you desire to go deeper….

There is a way for you as an ambitious business owner to work less while creating more impact … by creating a feminine container that provides you more spaciousness, so that you can be more in the energy of “allowing and receiving” instead of “pushing and burning out.”

When you know how to facilitate transformational “experiences” and embody the confidence of a visionary leader, you step into a new realm of influence, attracting perfect-fit people to your containers with ease.

You sell out your programs.

You build a raving sisterhood community.

And establish yourself as a well-paid thought leader.

All while enjoying the rest of your life … because work isn’t everything.

The Agenda

Here’s what you can expect during our time together
Day 1: Create a Transformational Group Experience (Wed July 26)
By understanding the structure that holds the circle medicine
The magic of circle happens inside the container. A rockstar transformational facilitator knows how to structure a somatic experience where a group feels safe to explore, embody and express themselves.

Session 1: 9 – 10am – The Circle Structure: Our method to create transformational group experiences

Session 2: 10 – 11am – Interactive Breakout Circle

Session 3: 11 – 12pm – The Circle Medicine: Co-create with the container and let it do the heavy lifting for you

Session 4: 12 – 1pm – Hot Seat – Discover Your Unique Medicine


VIP: 1:30 – 2:30pm – Networking and collaboration circle

Day 2: Create Depth, Potency and Intimacy (Thurs July 27)

By embodying confidence through empowered vulnerability

(Feminine Leadership)

Session 5: 9 – 10am – The Secret Sauce: Create a deeper container & immediately drop women in

Session 6: 10 – 11am – Interactive Breakout Circle

Session 7: 11 – 12pm – Going the Distance: Who you have to be, what you need to cultivate and what you can create as a Master Transformational Facilitator

Session 8: 12 – 1pm – Hot Seat – Feminine Freedom Method


VIP: 1:30 – 2:30pm – Dial In Your Unique Transformation Circle Outline (working session)


Day 3: Create your Inspiring, Mission-Driven Business Plan (Fri July 28)

By discovering your deeper why, bigger vision, and unique group offering

Session 9: 9 – 10am – The Roadmap: Quantum leap from sister gathering to epic transformational programs & retreats that women gladly pay for

Session 10: 10 – 11am – Breakout

Session 11: 11 – 12pm – The Vision: Dive into your soul’s why to create an inspiring north star that guides you forward

Session 12: 12 – 1pm – Hot Seat – Craft a magnetic offer statement

Dates & Times

All Sessions are Virtual

Wed – July 26, 2023

9am PST – 1pm PST

Thurs – July 27, 2023

9am PST – 1pm PS

Fri – July 28, 2023

9am PST – 1pm PST




This 3-Day interactive retreat is an immersive experience into the deeper work we do in the Mastery of Circle Leadership Certification.
You will be given an invitation to learn more about Mastery, if you desire to go deeper….

Event starts In...





This is not your typical teach-and-preach online event.
This is an experiential and embodied experience where you get to feel what it’s like to be in a powerful circle container.
Because if you really want to create the magic, you have to have the visceral experience of it first.

This training in the Art of Transformational Group Facilitation will activate:

1) CONFIDENCE in an embodied way … that you see yourself as a leader who is becoming a real, deal influencer because women trust you in your authenticity.

2) CONNECTION with sisterhood … that you are no longer the lone wolf doing it all by yourself, but trust other women have your back, inspiring you to create a community of women supporting and empowering each other.

3) CLARITY around your greater purpose … that you were led to this deeper work for a reason and it’s time for you to embrace your feminine leadership and step into the next level of your sacred work.

Here’s what you can expect at

The Art of Transformational Group Facilitation

In depth training that will open up for you a whole new world to facilitate groups the feminine way

Experiential and Somatic exercises that connect you to your truth and activate your visionary leadership

Direct coaching from Tanya – hot seats that penetrate straight to the root, Q&As, shares, a-ha moments and tears

​A safe and sacred space to get vulnerable, go deep and connect with other authentic coaches, healers and therapists …
Step by step instruction and practical takeaways. Ways to uplevel your leadership in your life and business IMMEDIATELY


Master Facilitator and Trainer

Tanya Lynn is the visionary founder of Sistership Circle, a seven figure global organization that has trained tens of thousands of women how to fill, lead and grow their women’s circles. With her truth telling style of leadership, she has a gift of seeing the brilliance in women and activating them to step into their power.
She has successfully integrated the masculine and feminine within herself, making her both fierce and soft, strategic and able to surrender, mission driven yet highly relatable with her vulnerability.
She has been gathering community since growing up as a little girl in San Diego CA, and lived in various places around the world including China, Japan, Spain and currently Costa Rica where she’s building a goddess temple and retreat center with her husband and business partner Brent.
Tanya is the best selling author of multiple books including Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader, The Art of Leading Circle and The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook.
You can count on Tanya to show up no matter what, take 100% responsibility for herself, and receive feedback to make her work even better. She values integrity, authenticity and co-creative leadership. When she’s not in a circle or training leaders, you can find her with her two daughters Kali and Summer.


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