10 Things Successful Transformational Facilitators Do Differently

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For over 8 years, I have immersed myself in women’s studies, sisterhood, circle and feminine leadership, and as a result, have carefully studied what other powerful transformational facilitators do that makes them successful.

What makes a transformational facilitator stand out is less about the processes they lead, and more about their characteristics and mindset.

If you are a woman who wants to become an influential leader and create real transformation for the women who come to your workshops, events, circles and retreats, then it is important that you start adopting some of these characteristics so you can step fully into your purpose.

1. Transformational Facilitators know they are working with a power higher than themselves.

The most common fear for a new facilitator is “Do I know what to do?” but the successful facilitator has let that go a long time ago because she understands it has nothing to do with her, she just needs to get out of the way to allow the divine to come through her. She is able to take inspired imperfect action because she knows the Goddess has her back. It’s through this fast action that she then improves her skills, not the other way around.

2. Transformational Facilitators trust their intuition and follow their inner guidance.

She has developed a keen sense of awareness of the Wise Woman speaking to her within her womb and listens to Her. Because she knows this inner guidance is more trustworthy than the thoughts in her head (which are usually full of fear, doubt and worry), she practices clearing her mind by taking a deep breath and dropping her awareness down into her body.

3. Transformational Facilitators have let go of right and wrong.

She no longer places judgment on what is deemed negative emotions, words or actions. For example, if someone gets upset and walks out, she doesn’t blame that person or see them as doing something wrong. Instead, she sees that everything is perfect. From this place of understanding that everything happens for a reason and is exactly what it is supposed to be, she is able to glean the lesson and teach it from an empowered place.

4. Transformational Facilitator have mastered the art of listening.

Because she has learned how to clear her mind and let go of judgment, she has become a masterful listener. She is able to be fully present, giving her undivided attention. She’s not thinking about what she’s going to say in response or analyzing what the other person is saying. She creates safe space with quiet serenity and knows how to reflect back what the person said to make her feel heard.

5. Transformational Facilitators surround themselves with other powerful leaders.

She has learned that she is not alone and does not need to do it by herself. She’s let go of competition, proving herself, and comparing herself to others. So she embraces other powerful facilitators as her allies instead of her enemies, and transforms jealousy into an opportunity for expansion. Understanding that other facilitators are on the same team with the same mission serving their unique gifts to those who need it, she reaches out to form alliances, mastermind and sisterhood bonds. By surrounding herself with other powerful leaders, she increases her resources, calls in more opportunities for abundance, and receives emotional and energetic support.

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6. Transformational Facilitators understand that intention is more important than agenda.

When she sets an intention, she cannot be attached to how she will fulfill it. She creates an agenda, but she knows that things may come up that take her off-course and she trusts that process. To stick with an agenda no matter what takes the magic out of the experience. It can feel “off” to the participant, perhaps inauthentic or disconnected.

7. Transformational Facilitators are not afraid of conflict.

Most people avoid conflict, but a successful Facilitator has no problem with it because she sees the dark as equal to the light, and an opportunity for a breakthrough. She knows it is not about her and doesn’t take it personally. From this point of view, she can then hold space for the conflict to work itself out using tools and techniques to facilitate dialogues or processes that can help the participant(s) move through their tension and triggers.

8. Transformational Facilitators know the value they bring.

She doesn’t question whether or not she brings value because she knows her presence alone is what creates the space. The participants would not be there if she was not holding the container. She also sees the value of being tapped into a power higher than herself to guide participants in their healing. Her value is in her essence as much as in what she is doing. Her value is inherent in her authenticity so she lets go of having to do it right or figuring it all out, and instead shows up as herself, knowing that is enough.

9. Transformational Facilitators understand the power of appreciation.

Everyone wants to be seen, loved and heard and she knows this. She knows that everyone is looking for love and she’s able to provide that loving space through appreciation and acknowledgement. While she is able to point out the shadow and blind spots, she’s also able to celebrate someone’s wins, qualities and efforts. She’s able to look into someone’s eyes and say “I see your brilliance.”

10. Transformational Facilitators lead from their WHY.

She is deeply connected with her purpose and why she does what she does. It’s so much bigger than herself and she is intrinsically driven by her why. It moves her. She’s passionate about it. It’s a soul calling. She is then able to communicate it in a way that touches, moves and inspires people.

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