21st Century women are craving for Sisterhood!

I remember this autumn day when I was sat in the park and had the realization that sisterhood is the missing element in my life and was essential for me to feel happy, secure and successful in spite of having a fulfilling relationship with my man and being surrounded by a bunch of good friends.

I realised how much easier it was for me to make and be friends with guys than with women. I had completely had it with women competing with each other, bitching around, gossiping and talking about nails. We can see it everywhere in our society – on reality shows, social media, TV adverts, workplace, clubs, pubs, shopping, in the trains, restaurants, and streets.

I wondered why men don’t do it. I began to cut myself off from my girlfriends as it all felt fake to me.

Surprisingly, one day I came across an advert on Facebook about a sacred feminine women’s circle happening near me. I decided to give it a go. I had nothing to lose. I knew that if I was bored I would just walk away.

My first women’s circle

In that women’s circle, for the first time ever, I felt into my womb space. While going through one of the rituals I started to experience a very deep pain in my womb! All of a sudden the pain became unbearable to the extent that one of the healers rushed to give me some healing right away. Through deep meditation and healing I realized that I was carrying a lot of ancestral trauma in my womb. Now what can that be? I had no idea!

As I started to cry, a few women held me and allowed me to ‘Just BE’ in that moment. I felt a deep connection with those women and felt secured and supported like never before. I felt a huge release of the pain.

After seeking more knowledge about ancestral trauma, I found out that it is a very common concern amongst women.

Sisterhood helps us stop passing on the ancestral trauma

The egg that we grew from was formed in our mother whilst in her mothers’ womb. So not only do some of the attitudes, beliefs and unresolved emotions of our ancestral line get passed on through relationship, they get passed on physically, through our cellular structure. Centuries of abuse and suppression of the feminine principles that our grandmothers and her ancestors have faced have been passed on to us and these are limiting us in an unconscious way to fully express ourselves in the world!

Now, while we are not responsible for trauma passed to us by our mothers unconsciously, we must be responsive to it.

We are standing at the forefront of the 21st century and we DO NOT want to pass on any more of our ancestral traumas to the next generations to come! It is time for us women to come together in sisterhood.

A deeper connection with one another

When women come together in sisterhood, a space for transformation, healing and growth is created. Besides, it is evident that in this busy lifestyle we women are craving for connection – real and authentic connection.

When women come together in sisterhood, that real connection can be felt because there is no judgment and competition but only surrender to the real love that we are. This connection releases the oxytocin hormones in us which boosts our happiness levels and de-stresses us.

Sisterhood backdates to the ancient times where it was the basis of many societies.

You may be wondering how to go about it? Join a circle, practise womb breathing and most of all consciously spend time in the Mother Nature. It is the greatest example of the Divine Feminine wisdom.

I want to leave you with this quote from an unknown person that I came across recently – There is something stronger than magic, it’s sisterhood.

Experience it for yourself. You have nothing to lose.


Jonita D’Souza is a certified life coach based in London who assists women to utilize their feminine essence and sensuality to experience more pleasure in their personal and business lives. She is passionate about exploring various elements of femininity in order to live a life of joy, ease and fun. You can visit Jonita at http://jonitadsouza.com.


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  1. Thank you for posting this Tanya. Being in Sister Circle really has helped me grow as a woman and I am grateful for this beautiful platform that you have created for women all over the world to come in circle.

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