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About the Women’s Circle eBook

I believe in the power of circle and my mission is to empower the leadership in as many women as possible on this planet. As we become more and more conscious, we can see the power of collaborating instead of competing with one another and becoming more mindful of our impact on others and the planet.

Imagine if there was a local circle in every town. When women feel seen and heard, they light up. They feel empowered to make a difference. When women work together, magic happens. We are by nature nurturers, connectors and caretakers. This is why we need more women to raise their hands and be the catalyst for more circles to exist, more places for women to gather and support one another.

YOU have found this book because you are one of those leaders ready to gather the tribe together. This book will give you the confidence, tools and structure to effectively facilitate a women’s circle right away.

~ Tanya Lynn

In this ebook, you will learn my secrets to lead your circle and also:

Get Instant Access to this FREE eBook!

Thank you Tanya, for your ebook. I just read it and am impressed how you not only cover all the bases of effective facilitation but you take it to a whole nother level, including energy work and personal growth as part of the new paradigm of leadership. As a coach I can’t help but think of the many qualities you speak of that make great coaches as well. Not to mention powerful human beings. If women learn these skills and practice them, true transformation will occur within and around. So valuable!

~ Justine Arian,

Tanya is willing to compassionately challenge you when she sees where you have the potential to step it up, she knows how to ask the questions that allow you to come to your own powerful realizations and she always makes sure to remind you of your own greatness. Tanya offers a unique combination of strategy, knowledge, experience, wisdom, passion, love and a deep commitment to you and to seeing you fully embody your brilliance and your true potential, so that you can have the kind of big impact you so desire to have on the world.

~ Jessica Libbey,

Tanya is the epitome of a leader. She has an amazing ability to create social change by bringing communities of women together in a way that isn’t just empowering, it’s life-shifting. Her ability to take a complex problem and encourage input to find a solution is a unique skill to find. Not only is she moving mountains, she’s inspiring, teaching and uplifting her mission of truth in order to create a better world. I’ve been so fortunate to stumble upon her brilliance, wisdom and insight. A true leader can listen, accept, attune and still continue to move forward without judgement or hesitation. This is Tanya, plus more!

~ Jessica Tomlinson,

Tanya is a force. A fireball. She is heart and passion and incredible business savvy all in one. I have known Tanya for 2 years and I feel blessed to call her a soul sister. We have led events together, been mastermind partners for each other, and coached other women visionaries through our VIP program. When Tanya coaches it is absolute genius coming through. I have never seen anything quite like it. She can take a vague sense or longing and turn it into a million dollar idea complete with clear action steps. Give her a vision and she’ll give you the map. She just channels brilliance. She knows how to produce events, create community and build successful movements. I HIGHLY recommend Tanya to the leader that wants to quantum leap in their business and mission.

~ Christina Dunbar,

Becoming a Sistership Circle Facilitator has literally transformed my life both professionally and personally. Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the inspiring leadership, wisdom and love I have received from Tanya Paluso. This woman is amazing – she gets it, she lives it, she embodies her truth and is a living example of Feminine Leadership on a global scale. Just being in her presence allows you to see what is possible as she holds up the mirror and shines the light for us all to see.

~ Peta Bastian,

I don’t know a single leader who walks their talk as much as Tanya does, especially in the realm of what it really means to be a woman in this world. The depth of the work she does on herself has inspired and supported me in what I’m capable of in my own life and business.

~ Jordanna Eyre,

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