EP 21: How to Own Your Worth & Charge for Your Services

Do you fear that doing work that aligns with your purpose won’t provide you with enough money? How do you keep showing up in the work that you love, without getting caught in the fear you aren’t enough?

In this episode Tanya coaches Emma to own her worth, and reframe her relationship with money.



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Consider/Ask Yourself: 

Do you feel overwhelmed by fear that you don’t have enough money?

Do you question whether following your purpose is the right decision?

Do you struggle to show up in the work you love for fear that you’re not enough?


Emma’s Question: 

How does she keep showing up in the work she loves without feeling overwhelmed by her fear of not enoughness?


Emma’s Key Insights and Ahas:

COVID has impacted her work. 

She feels incredibly grateful for the time and space she’s had to grow her business. 

She feels very excited about the work she’s doing. 

Her business is not able to support her fully to be financially independent. 

She feels like she has a clock ticking above her head. 

She’s fearful she won’t have enough money to live from. 

She loves the work she does, and feels incredibly seen. 

She’s aware of her limiting beliefs and fears that can suffocate her creativity.

She feels fear in her throat. 

Her main trigger is not feeling seen or heard. 

When she is seen and heard in her business it feels scary. 

She didn’t feel seen and heard or accepted by her Mom growing up. 

She feels grief and sadness about her parents divorce. 

She used to try to fix or rescue her Mom and others in her life. 

She lost herself growing up, and that manifested in friendships and relationships.

She feels each time she talks about her experiences, she learns something new. 

She felt growing up she was seen for what she could do, not who she was.

She learnt through therapy she has worth simply by being alive. 

She recognises the money block she’s created, and how that’s stopped her from receiving. 

Her gifts to the world are in her mess. 

She sees the value in her gifts, and recognises that there needs to be an energy exchange. 

She needs to step into her pain, grief, healing experiences to open up her container for more clients to step in. 

She makes her declaration – she’s doing this work from her heart and for the money. 


How to be BRAVE:

Recognise where in your life you might be giving and not receiving. 

Identify any limiting beliefs you have about charging for your services. What sits underneath them? Can you trace them back to your childhood? 

Be BRAVE, own your worth and charge sufficiently for your services.

Trust in your purpose, your vision, and sharing your gifts with the world. 

Shine brightly!


Takeaways For You:

You create an energy block when you give, and don’t open yourself up to receiving.

As you increase your output and experience, so should your prices. 

By expanding your energetic and emotional capacity, it opens your container for more money /clients to come in. 

In your mess, is your message. 



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