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EP 23: Lainie Love on Sparkling Shamelessly in Ecstatic Embodied Leadership

Our guest is Lainie Love Dalby, an Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Mentor and creatrix of the Sacred (R)evolution Multi-media Oracle Deck. In this episode, Lainie shares about her journey from not feeling safe in her own skin growing up, to now sparkling shamelessly and daring to live into the fullness of her being and essence. If you want to learn how to sparkle shamelessly in the world, this episode is for you. 



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“I believe we’re all artists that are here to co-create our lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all, and add our stroke to the great cosmic masterpiece.” Lainie Love Daly 


“I’m a deep believer that there are gems in our greatest wounds. And that’s part of how we mine for that shameless sparkle.” Lainie Love Dalby


Listen to Episode 23, as Lainie Uncovers:


[4:49] What Does the Art of Sparkling Shamelessly Mean 

  • She believes that we are all walking stardust and that our true nature is to shine.
  • It means to be lit up, turned on and blazing true.
  • Whilst on planet Earth, we must be daring to live into the fullness of our being.
  • We must not go to our ancestors unspent. We want to live in and become their wildest dreams. 


[10:48] Introduction to her Art

  • Each of her art pieces reflect shamanic healing journeys and are deeply layered.  
  • Her Oracle deck is an activation, a starting place, to lead you into the depth of all other work.
  • The sparkle can be distracting and also a trojan horse that provides opportunity to go really deep, and truly transform and alchemise all that no longer serves you. 


[14:32] Coming Back to the Body

  • It means a homecoming, back to self, to sisterhood, and to the earth.  
  • There is an epidemic – we are disconnected from our soul, our essence, our truth. 
  • We are surrounded by feedback loops (I’m not enough) that keeps us from the truth of our radiant magnificence. 
  • We are activating our remembrance – calling pieces of ourselves back home. 
  • We’re all artists here to co-create our lives as a great masterpiece for all. 


[17:05] Overcoming Her Shame

  • She was bullied growing up and didn’t feel safe in her own skin. 
  • She felt her spirit squashed through the dieting industry, the world, even her own family. 
  • She internalised the violence from the outside world and turned it against herself. 
  • Her body journey has been one of deep healing, and coming back to herself. 
  • Her deepest wound is deep disconnection from the truth of who we are. 
  • She’s worked through her fear of speaking her truth, so that she is now able to share so freely with others. 


[23:25] Alchemy 

  • Alchemy is the science of transformation. 
  • You take the raw material, put it in a vessel, break it down into components, and then purify it. 
  • The raw material can be the soul and psyche, the vessel is sacred circle, the catalyst for breakdown can be leaders such as Lainie, and the purification is the dissolution of the ego.
  • It’s a journey of coming into wholeness in ourselves. 
  • Transformation doesn’t have to take years, it can happen in an instant with the right leaders. 
  • She wants to empower others to hold a healing space and be a catalyst in the world.  


[33:45] Activation 

  • She guides listeners through an activation of the sacral chakra and the energetic womb space.
  • She invites listeners to use art to express what needs to be birthed from the activation. 


[44:11] Tanya’s Share

  • Tanya shares vulnerably about what comes up for her during the activation. 
  • She feels like her whole heart is wanting to burst open, that her fire energy is too much. 
  • She notices she wants to check out from the energy.
  • She creates space for how she’s feeling, and encourages listeners to do the same.  


[46:41] Lainie on Fire Energy

  • It needs to be a sustainable energy so we don’t burn out. 
  • For those with lots of fire energy, we need to come into a place of balance. 
  • Use cooling practices to balance with fire practices, and drop deep into self care.
  • Knows ourselves so we can take care of ourselves. 
  • Integrate different energies, and ground in a way that is nourishing for you. 


Power Quotes from the Show


Epidemic of Soul Loss and Malnourishment

“We’ve been disconnected from our bodies, from our essence, from our truth, because we’ve been shamed relentlessly. That’s why sparkle shamelessly, the dieting industry, fashion magazine culture, the media has been keeping us weak and stuck in these feedback loops. If I’m not enough, I’m not attractive enough, thin enough, powerful enough, and it becomes this loop that completely keeps us from the truth of our radiant magnificence.”


Her Journey with Her Body

“My body journey has been one of deep healing and coming back to myself, and loving myself and my body, and my being exactly as I am. And one of the reasons why, the why behind all the work I do is this deep passion about ending the violence that we perpetrate against each other, and our own bodies, and against our great mother. The way that we treat the earth is a reflection of how we treat our women and girls.” 


Our Soul Essence

“Our soul essence is not a product that we produce, it’s a long journey that we enter into, a need to be held during, so that we can shine that light of lunar reflection more clearly, and purify those old patterns, and bring them into awareness so that we can raise our consciousness and really excel in our lives.” 


Sparkling Shamelessly

“And that’s who we’re going to create that constellation of star beings, of millions of star beings that are sparkling shamelessly together. We hold each other up, we reach out our hand and lift each other up to come in and help us to really grow and shine and remember that we are infinite, and that we have this full rainbow light ray expression and unique essence, and our sparkle is eternal. It’s never born, it will never die. It’s just going to change forms.” 


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About Lianie


Lainie is on a passionate mission to free Human Spirits that have been told they’re either “too much” or “not enough” to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY ® and step into their authentic power and sovereignty. 


She’s a big-hearted Ecstatic Embodied Leadership ™ mentor, bestselling author, ceremonialist, holy healer, visionary artist, fierce trailblazer in womxn’s spirituality and leadership, and an overall catalyst of personal and planetary transformation. She’s also the creatrix of the Sacred (R)evolution Multi-media Oracle Deck. 


She’s a direct descendant of the Celtic Shamans, Druids & Iceni Warrior Women that has also been called a “Galactic Rainbow Shamaness”, “Fierce Rainbow He(art) Warrior” and “Midwife of the Soul and new paradigm” by many. 


With her own brand of multimedia ministry, she’s dismantling old systems,ideas and ways of being that promote separateness, dim our #SOULSPARKLE and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential. She’s also deeply passionate about ending our culture’s rampant disregard for LIFE, especially the overt and covert violence that’s perpetrated against the Sacred Feminine and our own bodies, by restoring sacred reconnection around the globe. 


To that end, she gathers womxn and the LGBTQIA community in both live and virtual sacred circles to facilitate deep healing, sacred play, soul growth, and alchemical transformation with her:


  • #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary Inner Circle learning and practice community
  • Signature LIVE immersions, courses, global gatherings and other initiatives so we can RISE and SHINE together
  • Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy, the home of the Sovereign Sisters Rising ™ Certification


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Her Instagram: @lainielovedalby 

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