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EP 44: Kathleen McGowan on The Magdalene Line Trilogy

In this episode, I talk to Kathleen McGowan author of 4 powerfully connected books shining a light on some of history’s most notorious women.

Kathleen talks about the hidden stories of these important women in history including Mary Magdalene, and Matilda and also about her latest book on Anne Boleyn.

Reshaping how we view women in history…



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Listen to Episode 44, as Kathleen Uncovers:

  • Women misrepresented in history
  • The stories in history not being shared in academia
  • Women are acting as gatekeepers, holding back the true stories


What you’ll discover:

02:14 – Welcome Kathleen

04:07 – Kathleen talks about the background of her writing about misrepresented women in history

07:04 – Mary Magdalene

11.36 – Matilda

18:00 – Exploring the research in person vs the history books

23:23 – Academia vs Story

34:30 – Anne Boleyn

43:51 – Obsession with talking women down


Power Quotes from the Show


”I had this revelation that history was not what happens, history was what was being written down.”

”History is written by the winners. And the women were never the winners.”

”The motto that’s on all my books is the truth against the world, which is the was the motto of the warrior queen Boudicca.”


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About Kathleen

Kathleen McGowan’s journey to becoming a foremost expert in the field of women’s histories encompasses decades of research and global travel, as well as her own life’s initiations. She has spent nearly 30 years studying the legends of Mary Magdalene in France, and that of the women who have claimed her as their spiritual godmother for over 2000 years: queens, warriors, scholars, mystics, women who changed the world but have been unsung. As the New York Times and global best-selling author of “The Magdalene Line” trilogy, her books broke foreign language distribution records, appearing in 40+ languages, even while the content was controversial and ahead of its time.

Book 4 in the Magdalene Line Series, The Boleyn Heresy—Part 1: The Time Will Come is now available at Amazon HERE


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  1. This was a great interview. Kathleen is so full of knowledge and passion. I ordered the new book, but she is experiencing publishing issues for the hardcover. They still are trying to block her rewriting of history. So sad. I ordered the e-book though and cannot wait to read it. Many years ago I read The Expected One and never went on with the Trilogy, so I am encouraged to get back to it again.Thank you Tanya.

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