Ep 49: Building a Goddess Temple in Costa Rica

In a world focused on outward success based on masculine performance, how do you shift into a feminine wealth consciousness?

Since moving to Costa Rica in October 2020, Tanya & Brent have been working on a vision to create a modern day, 90 foot iconic Goddess Temple. In this episode, Tanya shares the vision, how far they’ve come and what’s next to bring this vision to life.

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Listen to Episode 49 as Tanya Shares:

  • What is De La Diosa, and the vision of the Goddess Temple
  • The challenges Tanya & Brent have faced and how they are overcoming them

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Heidi Rome, is a mentor, trainer, mother of two boys, mother of a severely autistic teenager. She understands what it means to overcome being overwhelmed, facing outdated conversations,  and under-funded programming where every step of her journey requires changing the narrative of status quo. The journey of parenting a severely autistic young adult has gifted Heidi with the insights and wisdom to realize it’s not just the diagnosis, but it’s each of our own personhoods that becomes at risk when we do not change the narrative of exclusion. You are invited to download Heidi’s affirmation, listen to her audio and find out more information at https://heidirome.com/yes

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About Tanya

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” and the visionary CEO of Sistership Circle, a global organization that offers leadership training for women to reveal themselves and step into their power, so they start their own circle business. Tanya has been internationally facilitating, coaching & leading groups of women since 2006. Along her journey, she has found that balancing the masculine and feminine holds the secret to BEING a brave woman who is fully seen, heard, and celebrated as her true self while actualizing her dreams.

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