EP 53: Anat Peri on Healing Your Inner Child

What would happen if you were yourself, no longer trying to please others, showing up authentically and vulnerably in your relationships and business? Anat Peri shares what happens when you embark on a self-love journey to heal your inner child, feel your emotions and create the life that you desire.

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Listen to Episode 53 as Tanya & Anat Uncover:

  • What you learned from mom and dad and how to heal your inner child
  • How to stop being a people pleaser in relationships and business
  • What it means to be a medicine woman as a coach in the modern age

What you’ll discover:

2:00 – Tanya and Anat’s journey being friends since 2004

8:40 – staying the course of vulnerability despite challenges – feeling safe to express yourself

12:00 – people pleasing

16:15 – shifting from controlling someone

19:00 – father learning

21:00 – how Anat was able to create intimacy in friendship

24:45 – reframe mother wound to mother learning

28:30 – coming out of “shrink and hide” in business

31:00 – what it means to be a medicine woman

34:30 – what “embodiment work” looks like

36:30 – marketing for your business

40:30 – what it means to be a brave woman

Power Quote from the Show

“I prefer to call it Mother Learning instead of the Mother Wound. When we label it as a wound, we’re looking for something that was painful, but a lot of times it’s not so obvious. Maybe it wasn’t painful, but a tough, challenging dynamic. We all learned something from mom as she is the role model for self. We learned everything about how to talk to ourselves, see ourselves, treat ourselves by what we saw, heard and felt — either how Mom felt about herself, or how she made you feel. That is the role of Mom. She’s our foundation, nurturance of ourselves. Everything “self” related. So everyone may not have a mother wound, but when you look at how you relate to yourself, there may be some dysfunction there.” – Anat Peri

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About Anat Peri

Anat Peri is a transformational coach who specializes in guiding clients to achieve their greatest potential. With over 10+ years in developmental work, Anat has helped hundreds of people create the life they desire. Her deep work allows you to discover what you truly want, create a clear path to success, take control of your emotions, and take inspired action.

Learn more: https://trainingcampforthesoul.com/

About Tanya Lynn

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” and the visionary CEO of Sistership Circle, a global organization that offers leadership training for women to reveal themselves and step into their power, so they start their own circle business. Tanya has been internationally facilitating, coaching & leading groups of women since 2006. Along her journey, she has found that balancing the masculine and feminine holds the secret to BEING a brave woman who is fully seen, heard, and celebrated as her true self while actualizing her dreams.

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