EP 60: Carrie Schulze on Reading your Chart: Astrology is not just your Sun Sign

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Listen to episode 60 as Tanya & Carrie Uncover:

  • The importance of elemental balancing and how astrology can help you do it
  • How to find the magic in your chart and the #1 thing to look for
  • Forecasting the next few years by looking at the stars
  • An easy practice to protect your energy for spiritual hygiene

What you’ll discover:

2:30 – being called a witch everywhere and then confirmed by two astrologers

Realizing there’s a plan for you in the star

7:00 – learning from mom how to work with energy

8:00 – claiming the word witch

11:45 – what do we need to know about astrology

The Magic is in …

12:50 – using Tanya as an example

Lack of air in the chart

20:20 – T-square shape in chart 

24:00 – Read a chart with what jumps out first

26:45 – Forecasting the next few years by looking at the stars

29:55 – What does it look like for you to be bold carrie?

31:30 – Leading circle in person vs. protective barrier online

32:41 – Following the call to circle

35:00 – Carrie’s practice – how to protect energy for spiritual hygiene

39:20 – how to consciously direct your energy vs having people pull it from you and put yourself aside

43:00 – importance of having an astrologer on the regular and how you can get that without breaking the bank 

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About Carrie Schulze

Carrie is a Sistership Circle Certified Circle Facilitator, life coach, hypnotherapist, astrologist and massage therapist. She has combined all of her gifts and training to create containers for women to empower themselves with their own magic. She is very very Aries with Scorpio rising and an earth kite. Her human design is a Generator 3/6 with a defined 2-14 gate (the gate of resources and knowing, especially for others). You can learn more at https://www.embracingwoo.com.


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