EP 68: Amy Natalie on The Feminine Way: Reclaim your Feminine Energy to Create a Life of Pleasure, Aliveness, and Vitality

Mother Nature is our guide. The concepts of slowing down, replenishing, and listening to our body’s needs are highly undervalued and have been viewed as inconvenient or unproductive in our Western culture. We receive constant messages from society such as work hard, play hard, you can rest when you’re dead, don’t be so lazy, or push through the pain. Through these messages, we’ve learned to ignore the wisdom of our bodies and disregard our fundamental need for rest and recovery. In this episode, Amy Natalie shares the secret to getting back in touch with the wisdom of our bodies to create a life of pleasure, aliveness, and vitality.

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“We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us.” – Andy Goldsworth

Join Tanya and Amy as they jam on:

The impact of living in a hyper masculine, hyper productive society

When you may need to swing over into the feminine for recovery

Determining the best exercise for you

Cyclical living from the feminine

The four phases of our menstrual cycle

Listening to your body wisdom to prevent illness

How to take responsibility for our mood swings in intimate relationships

A reading from The Feminine Way: Mother Nature as our guide

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Amy Natalie has launched her debut book, “The Feminine Way: Reclaim your Feminine Energy to Create a Life of Pleasure, Aliveness, and Vitality”. Order her gorgeous book here: http://amynatalieco.com/thefeminineway

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About Amy Natalie

Amy Natalie is a Women’s Empowerment coach and a leader of the Feminine Rising. After experiencing her first spiritual awakening at age 27, she went through a divorce, overcame depression, and started following her true soul calling. 

For the past 8 years, Amy has supported women to overcome mindset blocks and get into alignment with their soul. Through her group programs and events, Amy brings women together in Sisterhood to grow and evolve together.

Amy is also the host of the Feminine Frequency Podcast which has over 500k downloads and empowers women from all around the world.


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