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EP 72: Bernadette Pleasant on The Emotional Tour

One of the lessons we learned early on was not to be messy. And the thing about emotions is: THEY ARE MESSY. You can’t control them. They are unpredictable. We have a lot of fear around them. That’s why Bernadette takes people on an Emotion Tour, so that your emotions become less scary and more accessible. In this episode, we go on a tour of the “emotional gym” where you can go and workout to feel these emotions instead of casting them aside. If you are looking for more freedom of expression, this is for you.

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When you look deeper at joy, there’s often this fear of not letting our laughter be too loud, not showing how much we are experiencing joy for fear that someone we love or care for can’t relate and therefore we are being too joyous. There’s this stuffing down to fit into a narrow margin of an acceptable range of emotion. ~ Bernadette Pleasant

Join Tanya & Bernadette as they jam on:

The 6 stops on the emotion tour (spoiler alert: the last 3 are NOT emotions but help you to be more embodied and expressed!)

The difference between anger and rage and which one we want to hold as sacred

The power of flirtation without making it sexual

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About Bernadette

Dynamic and vibrant, Bernadette Pleasant is a passionate and visionary public speaker. As the Founder of The Emotional Institute and the creative force behind The Emotional Tour, a transformative mind-body wellness workshop, she has dedicated her life to inspiring positive change. Bernadette is renowned for her expertise in Somatic Emotional Release and her role as a facilitator of Sacred Grief Rituals, advocating for emotional liberation through the power of movement and empowerment. Join her as she guides you on a journey of transformation and self-discovery.


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