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EP 75: Mia Magik on Intuwitchin, Rage Ritual and the law of correspondence

Mia Magick shares her journey of reclaiming the power of womanhood, embracing witchery, and the transformative impact of rage rituals. She discusses the significance of the witch’s hat, the law of correspondence, and the power of intuition. Mia also talks about her book ‘Intuition’ and the upcoming retreats in France and the Redwoods. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity, safety, and nature in her space-holding magic. Mia Magik shares her journey of personal growth, leadership, and uncoupling, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, self-awareness, and investing in personal development. She discusses the significance of embracing one’s strengths, navigating feedback, and the initiation into the next level of leadership. Mia’s story highlights the power of healing, self-investment, and the courage to lead authentically.

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“Confidence … we think that it means something so different than what it does. It means trust or to trust in the benevolence of. It comes from confidere in Latin. And so to be confident is to trust in the universe. It’s to trust in yourself. It’s to trust in your path.” ~ Mia Magik


  • Reclaiming the power of womanhood and embracing witchery can lead to transformative personal growth and healing.
  • The law of correspondence, as a manifestation tool, emphasizes the interconnectedness of the universe and the importance of understanding symbols and signs.
  • Intuition, as the language of the universe, plays a significant role in guiding individuals through life’s journey.
  • Creating a space of authenticity, safety, and connection with nature is essential for facilitating transformative experiences.
  • Mia Magik’s book ‘Intuition’ and her upcoming retreats in France and the Redwoods offer opportunities for deep healing and personal transformation. Embrace your strengths and authenticity to lead from a place of truth.
  • Invest in personal development and healing to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace your full potential.
  • Navigating feedback and criticism with openness and self-awareness is essential for personal and leadership growth.
  • The initiation into the next level of leadership often involves personal healing, self-awareness, and the courage to lead authentically.


00:00 Reclaiming the Power of Womanhood and Embracing Witchery

06:10 The Law of Correspondence and the Power of Intuition

09:52 Mia Magik’s Book ‘Intuition’ and Transformative Retreats


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About Mia Magik

Mia Magik is an author, speaker, and coach, serving as a modern ambassador for ancient magik. On a mission of permission, she ignites the Wisdom of our IntuWitchin, inviting the liberation of your most magikal self through spiritual transfiguration. Purifying the wounds from patriarchal programming so you can attune to the voice of your inner guidance system. Over the past decade, Mia has immersed herself in the study of yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Kabbalah, ceremonial magik, Tarot, and spiritual medicines. Her exploration extends to Greek, Tantric, Egyptian, and Daoist Priestess arts, Christian and Sufi Mysticism, crystal healing, Reiki, and a personal devotion to earth-based spirituality and witchcraft. Mia has empowered thousands of people to realize, utilize, and reconnect with their infinite spiritual abilities through her Academy of Magikal Artistry, books, retreats, and 1:1 coaching.


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