EP13: Jeannine Yoder on Running a Soul-Centered Business

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Episode_13About Jeannine:

Coach For Coaches, Broadway Starlet, and founder of Mentor Masterclass, The Sisterhood Mastermind and The Captivate Retreat. Jey leads new life coaches to become embodied thought leaders in Mentor Masterclass, an all-in personalized life coach training program to help women learn from the best and launch their business with the support of celebrity mentors and a soul powered sisterhood.

When it comes to helping women changemakers go from best-kept-secret to embraced as an expert living her purpose, supported by a fierce community, Jey’s your power & spotlight co-creator. She has been featured living her purpose in The New York Times, Identity Magazine, The Coaches Training Blog, WellandGoodNYC, Classtivity, and on, ABC, Gossip Girl, V/H/S (Sundance/Magnolia Pictures) and in Theaters across the U.S. and New York City.

Jeannine has 10+ years of experience as a Triple Threat Performer, Risk Taker, Life Coach and Mentor. Jey is here to help you embrace a NEW way of stepping into the spotlight and launching your soul aligned business. Visit www.jeannineyoder.com to get FREE instant access to Jey’s morning success ritual & weekly life coach and stage training on her T.V show Wake Up Wednesday.

In this episode Jey shares:

* How she went from being raised to drug addicts to creating a multi-six-figure Masterclass personal development brand

* How to give yourself permission to be real

* The illusion of 6-figures and the true secret of abundance

* The truth about sisterhood and the mindset to develop to have it

What you’ll hear:

4:00 – inspired by the darkness of her upbringing with parents were drug addicts
11:15 – we chose our parents because its our soul path
16:30 – having power over your circumstances and overcoming the excuses of motherhood
18:50 – overcoming “too young to be a life coach” or any circumstance
19:55 – “whatever is my deepest fear, strong mirrors show up to make it unavoidable to either live in suffering or face it and heal it”
24:56 – the paradox of celebrities struggling even though they have everything
27:00 – the illusion of six figures and “making it”
28:45 – how much Jey has to make just to pay her team
30:00 – shift mindset from fear and pressure to abundance
32:00 – embodiment = sovereignty
Sovereignty is “a woman who has her feet upon the ground in centered wholeness, a woman who pulls back her shoulders and thinks what is in the highest good of all?”
37:00 – sisterhood and Jey’s mantra: “Never be sad alone”

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