EP16: Kylie Slavik on The Power of Your Personal Story

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Kylie Slavik is a Digital Marketing Expert and Brand Storyteller who has generated millions of dollars in revenue for her clients through her unique copy and advertising style. She has experience running story based paid traffic campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn, has strategized and executed some of the most lucrative launches in women’s coaching history, and has had a major influence in how story’s are told online in the coaching industry. Her passion is for raising consciousness, human rights and the environment so you will find her partnered with everyone from solopreneurs to traffic agencies who share that value.

In this episode, Kylie shares:

* How Kylie ran her first campaign for a client to generate over 2.5 million dollars
* The secret that Kylie accidentally discovered on one of her webinars to convert the most sales
* Why your personal story is the most important part of your marketing
* The difference between real vulnerability and fake vulnerability

What you’ll hear:

2:50 – Kylie’s story as the reluctant entrepreneur
5:00 – Kylie writing ads for a 2.5 million dollar Facebook campaign
7:00 – Why your personal story is so important in marketing
9:40 – The most important elements to include in your story
11:45 – People don’t believe in extreme results happening for them; sharing your struggles
14:00 – Kylie’s secret to her highest converting webinar
16:45 – Neuroscience behind vulnerability
19:00 – the fake vulnerability fad
19:30 – the power of the underdog
20:40 – fragments of stories
22:30 – origin story
25:15 – Us vs Them type of story
36:20 – Tanya’s story of “dark night of the soul”
39:40 – stories to overcome objections
41:05 – Tanya’s story as momprenuer
42:12 – Tanya’s story of partnership in business with husband


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Kylie Recommends: Story by Robert McKee

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