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EP21: Roe Couture Desaro on Discovering Feminine Brilliance While Leading Circle

After a successful career on Wall Street in the 80s, Roe was a powerhouse leader … who relied heavily on her masculine. She came to Sistership Circle to develop her feminine qualities and has been loving her more integrated self ever since. In this interview, you’ll learn why circles work and how Roe was able to make $4000 from leading her first 6 week circle.

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In this episode, Roe shares:

  • How to be spiritual without being too “woo- woo”.
  • About the power & magic of what circle truly is. Circle is about so much more than women just coming together to have a conversation.
  • Debunking the myth that you must be a guru to lead circle.
  • What she’s learned about what women really want.
  • The neuroscience behind building trust and why circles work.
  • About how woman are so stuck in a masculine way of being and have lost connection with their feminine essence.


2:10 – Roe’s story of finding Sistership Circle, not really knowing what a “circle” was, but looking for balance
4:04 – Spiritual but not too much woo
5:05 – highlights from the program, how quick transformation can happen, circle is powerful: this is not just women coming together in circle and having a conversation
it’s permanent not a quick fix “motivational”
7:00 – embodiment through participation, wisdom vs. knowledge
7:57 – exercises and debriefing is what they love the most
what women really want
9:05 – teacher vs. facilitator – debunking the old paradigm of being the teacher guru to lead circle
10:25 – neuroscience behind building trust and why circles work
12:35 – women circling with women vs. co-ed and why I have amazing men in my life
14:49 – bonding of the sisterhood and healing wounds for Roe
18:00 – how SC changed how Roe does business
20:50 – losing connection with her feminine energy and rediscovering it through circle and seeing how many powerful women are stuck in their masculine
24:10 – Sandra Yancy from EWomen Network embodying the feminine and having your office reflect your feminine power
25:50 – why women should do the How to Lead Circle program – being of service to the women out there, there are not enough of us – being yourself and leveling the playing field – why women love Roe’s circles
29:00 – the heart of the program
30:00 – Roe’s #1 training in 2016

Roe’s webpage: 

How to Lead Circle:

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Imagine empowering yourself by becoming fluent in the structure, facilitation skills, and language of circle.

Imagine surrounding yourself with sisters, and mentors celebrating your brilliance and cheering you on.

Imagine following a step-by-step journey into the facilitator seat and feeling like you are fulfilling on your dream of becoming a feminine leader.

You can find it all in our 12-week How to Lead Circle Program.

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In fact, more than 75% of the women who graduated completed their first circle before the end of the program! Talk about effective!

As Roe said: “Taking this course was the best move I made in 2016. Tanya thought of everything you need to know to run a successful circle. Within 1 month, I added circles to my 6 week coaching program and 10 women signed up for a December start! I earned nearly $4000 before finishing the course. More important than the money is I love hosting circles and the transformation for the attendees has been amazing.”

(Yes, I am completely committed to you MAKING MONEY while leading circles!)

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