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EP27: Sharlene Belusevic on How to go from Failure to Sold Out Women’s Circles

Sharlene wanted community and so she put on a women’s circle that turned into a complete disaster. She knew she needed guidance so she found Sistership Circle.  Now, she has sold out women’s circles every month and even had to turn five women away last month!

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In this episode, Sharlene shares:

  • Why she yearned for a deep connection with like-minded women, and for a place where she felt like she fit in.
  • Her experience offering women’s circles in the past, and her decision to give up.
  • The promise she made to not lead any more circles until she had received support and training.
  • Her deep desire to create sacred space for women.
  • How HTLC helped her to feel safe in being with other women, gifting her with a sense of what sisterhood is.
  • The transformation that she experienced in the program, and why it was painful for her not to put herself out there.
  • HTLC gave her the confidence that she needed to shine and offer her gifts to the world.


  • 2:19- What she was doing prior to SC and her journey to want to lead circles.
  • 3:44- Her desire to create a space where women could connect, be authentic and real with one another.
  • 4:57- That she didn’t really know what she was doing when she first lead circles.
  • 5:45- Her experience with a circle that was a “mess”, everything was going wrong and the decision that it lead to.
  • 6:40- Why SC was the answer to her prayers.
  • 7:14- Why she chose not to give up and keep going.
  • 8:58- Breakthroughs that she experienced through HTLC that have to lead to her success.
  • 11:35- Her journey after HTLC.
  • 13:42- How rewarding and enriching it is to witness the transformations women experience in circle.
  • 14:00- Her journey with charging for her circles.
  • 15:21- Her experience with leading the HTLC program.
  • 18:36- HTLC program has been a springboard for her to step into a place of owning who she is.
  • 21:04- All it takes is to show up authentically as you are, you don’t need to be perfect to lead circle.
  • 21:57- How leading circles complement her 1-1 coaching.


How to Lead Circle:

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Imagine following a step-by-step journey into the facilitator seat and feeling like you are fulfilling on your dream of becoming a feminine leader.

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As Roe said: “Taking this course was the best move I made in 2016. Tanya thought of everything you need to know to run a successful circle. Within 1 month, I added circles to my 6 week coaching program and 10 women signed up for a December start! I earned nearly $4000 before finishing the course. More important than the money is I love hosting circles and the transformation for the attendees has been amazing.”

(Yes, I am completely committed to you MAKING MONEY while leading circles!)

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