EP29: Elena Mateeva on Finding Self-Acceptance to Create Deeper Women’s Circles

Elena had 1-year experience leading circles prior to joining HTLC. It was starting to become difficult to lead circles, so she knew that she needed support. At this time, she was also embarking on a deep inner healing journey. So more than anything, she really needed a container of sisterhood and support. The magic of being in a safe & loving container helped her to truly honor, believe in herself and feel worthy.  She now runs circles where women are always thanking her for creating such a magical experience.

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In this episode, Elena shares:

  • It was starting to become difficult to lead circles, so she knew  that she needed support.
  • How her soul was calling for deep inner healing-  the circle offered her a safe and loving container to do so.
  • Why being in a safe container where she felt accepted, and heard transformed her life.
  • The HTLC helped her to feel more confident, trust her intuition, and be able to show up more authentically.
  • The magic that she experienced like she never had before.
  • Only a few months after graduating, she felt confident enough to offer a retreat.

In this episode, Elena shares:

1:26- Where she was prior to starting the HTLC program.
6:09- Why she realized that women need a place to be able to express themselves.
6:32- Circle helps you to shift where you are, and always offers you exactly what you need.
8:32- What inspired her to take the leap and jump into the HTLC program.
11:57- The call that had such a profound impact on Elena.
12:20- The importance of creating safe space for women to feel comfortable in.
13:04- When we are ready to uplevel your life, the money will always show up to support you.
14:02- The power of connecting to your heart’s desires and trusting your power.
14:56- The biggest highlights and breakthroughs she experienced during the program.
18:37- All is welcome in a circle, you don’t need to be perfect and it’s ok to fall apart.
20:15- The power of setting intentions and practicing going deeper within yourself.
21:39- The importance of being honest with ourselves when we feel like something is off.
22:14- How HTLC has impacted what she’s been doing and how she’s expanded.


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