EP37: Amanda Collins on Priestessing and the Celtic Wheel of the Year

Amanda Collins is an inspirational speaker, self-love guide and Feng Shui Master. She founded the International Feng Shui School and training program, which offers in-person and on-line certification courses. Amanda created the Inner Circle of Wisdom as a source of support, inspiration and friendship to help you find your own joy, invite miracles and live your greatest self. You can access her latest videos, webinars, podcasts, meditations and on-line community anywhere in the world. Amanda also leads sacred journeys around Ireland, tapping into ancient ritual with an uncanny ability to make modern-day magic.

Notable clients such as Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard and Dreamworks have reported breakthroughs with her Feng Shui consulting. She is frequently interviewed in the media, and has appeared in Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit and Destiny, Irish Examiner, RTE Television in Ireland, Fox News and KSWB-TV. Amanda has studied wisdom traditions around the world and is a certified yoga teacher, shaman and high priestess. Her calling is to help people let go of old belief systems and awaken to their inner joy.

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In this episode, Amanda shares:  

* What the Celtic Wheel of the Year is and how to honor it with ritual

* The magic and wonder of living in Ireland at the bottom of a sacred mountain

* Her two year underground priestess training with lineage spanning hundreds of years

* Integrating your gifts, talents, skills and strengths to come fully into your soul purpose


5:50- Amanda Collins and her priestess training
8:23- Her darkest truth: acceptance
9:50- Coming home
15:31- Celtic wheel
24:16- Priestess training and oracles
28:18- Feng Shui
31:18- Alignment with the deepest part of yourself


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