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EP 54: Tanya Lynn on Are you Perpetuating the Sister War?

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” — gifted at coaching women to soar to new heights by putting together a plan that maximizes their talents and strengths and taking bold, courageous actions to fulfill on their intentions.

Tanya is the visionary CEO behind the international organization, Sistership Circle, a worldwide sisterhood movement empowering women to step into their true beauty, brilliance and boldness as feminine leaders. She started training facilitators to use her proven 12-week Circle Program based on her bestselling book “Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader.” She is also the author of “How to Lead Circle.”

She is a respected leader in the industry from clients and colleagues alike because she’s the real deal, living and breathing her work.

She believes that the new model of feminine leadership is not about hierarchies of power but about circles of collaboration. For us to become true leaders, we must embrace our sisters as our allies and give one another permission to shine.

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In this episode, Tanya shares:

  • Why it’s easier to blame other women than take responsibility for your part
  • The Karpman Drama Triangle
  • How the sister war comes from the mother wound
  • The top 10 Sister Crimes and how they play out
  • How to make EVERY woman your “sister” and how that’s different than calling women your “friends”


4:45 – my BOLD statement around the sister war
7:00 – an email I received: “how do we do it when we have women who do …”
9:35 – The Karpman Drama Triangle
12:43 – The Mother Wound
16:37 – my sister wound showing up as “abandonment”
19:50 – what keeps us separate as our “Sister Crimes”
26:00 – racism and the sister war
27:00 – the distinction of calling every woman your sister
18:40 – the Sister War Challenge


Sister Wound article part 1 and part 2
Watch Bethany Webster on the Mother Wound here
Layla Saad’s article on “I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy”

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