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EP 57: Step into abundance in bringing your gifts to the world with Astrid

This episode is for you if you feel stuck around becoming more visible, bringing your gifts and talents into the world and making money doing your purpose work.

Typically when you feel stuck around money and business, it’s caused by something much deeper. The unworthiness issues can go back to childhood, or even the womb.

If you felt unwanted, or perhaps were an “accident,” that feeling can sabotage any efforts you make toward putting yourself out there. Because no matter what you do, you’ll continue to feel rejected over and over again.

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Ask yourself these questions:

Did I feel like my mother didn’t want me as a child?

Do I feel worthy of receiving? Who taught me that I am unworthy? Who taught me that it’s not safe to ask for what I want and need?

Do I trust myself? When was the first time I learned to not trust myself?

Astrid’s question: 

How do I make enough income to be free to share my gifts?

Astrid’s insights:

  • Her fear around sharing her gifts and making money goes all the way back to the womb and being born
  • Astrid has an opportunity to rebirth herself with her business, and be her own midwife
  • She doesn’t need someone else to give her permission or confirmation, but instead, this is about stepping into her own sovereignty and owning her inner authority.


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