EP6: Kimberly Johnson on Healing Your Body PostPartum

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About Kimberly Johnson:

Kimberly Johnson is a yoga teacher, Rolfer, doula, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. After years of yoga practice and bodywork, she was completely rearranged in every way by childbirth. Her yoga practice had to shift completely and she became disinterested in most of what she had learned, as it seemed somewhat irrelevant. She had had no female yoga teachers who were mothers. Her postpartum experience was so impactful that she now works with women preparing them for childbirth, attending births, and helping them recover from birth. She also works with boundary restoration and sexual trauma from a body-centered perspective. She is a single mother to an 8-year old Brazilian daughter. In Summer of 2017, her book The Fourth Trimester: A New Mother’s Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality will be published by Shambhala Publications.

In this episode, Kimberly shares:

* Why women struggle having sex after birth and what to do about it
* What every woman needs to know about postpartum health before she gets pregnant
* The importance of mapping your monthly cycle to prevent problems during PMS, postpartum and menopause
* What the best foods to eat after having a baby

What you’ll hear:

5:25 – How a “stage 4” tear got Kimberly on this path
9:20 – Urinary incontinence … do you have it?
12:00 – Why this work is our future to emerge from childbirth and be the best mothers, creative selves and partners as possible
16:00 – 19:40 – Importance of first 40 days – how to take care of your body and prevent autoimmune disorders
16:55 – What Chinese medicine and Aruyveda has to say about postpartum
21:30 – Importance of understanding our monthly cycle and how it affects – the myth of superwoman after birth
22:30 – Why we can heal lifelong illness during the first 40 days after birth
27:20 – 31:05 – What all cultures have in common for post birth food recommendations + best foods
31:40 – For ALL women: how to better understand your vagina, PMS, create optimal vitality and be a better lover
36:20 – Two things you must do before birth
37:14 – Forging a feminine path
39:00 – Understanding female ejaculation
40:00 – Debunking the myth about kegels
41:30 – Why mapping will help you uncover whether you can have a baby in your 40s

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Kimberly’s website
Best Vaginal Steam
Book Recommendation: Reflections of the Moon on Water
Kimberly’s Forging A Feminine Path Course
The Golden Month or The Sacred Window

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