How I Tap into the Magical Inner Child

I’m laying in my tent completely content. Everyone just left to watch a movie at the amphitheater and I’ve got some alone time.

All day I’ve been marveling at how epic my life is.

We’re at Pinecrest Lake, a gorgeous family camping spot north of Yosemite.

Earlier this afternoon, as Brent and I sat in a blow up row boat, we watched Kali splashing with the oar in her own little world.

We delighted in her delight, bringing us back to our own childhood summer adventures.

Pure presence, innocence and joy.

My own heart burst open in joy as I gazed out at the surrounding mountains, so picturesque it looked and felt surreal.

We laughed and played and tickled all day long.

My magical inner child is grinning ear to ear right now. She’s relaxed and at peace.

Most adults are completely disconnected from their inner child.

So how have I tapped in?

None of this magical connection would have been possible if it wasn’t for me creating massive space for my little girl inside to FEEL.

The rage, the grief, the frustration, and the resentment.

A few years ago, I found her crying for my attention.

She had been so shut down because she didn’t think it was safe to FEEL all that she was feeling.

She felt like she was too much, too intense, too emotional … and as a result, not enough just as herself.

The more I let her release those pent up feelings, the more free she felt to be herself.

Her magical, innocent, joyful, present, fun self.

By going waaayy over into rage and grief, she, my little girl, could then access her greatest level of joy.

I’m not surprised that I’m feeling this relaxed, having the best family vacation to date.

Just a few weeks ago, I was deeply connecting with her rage, fear and resentment in preparation for our Mastery of Circle Leadership retreat.

With the birth of my second daughter, Summer, and Kali turning 3 years old, I gained access to a deeper layer of unconscious beliefs and feelings that only could surface with the mirror of my Littles.

I’ve heard many times that whatever age our children are at gives us a mirror of our inner child from that age.

And as I struggled and resisted all that was surfacing, I found myself in a survival state with my girls that I needed to shift. Not only to hold space for the Mastery women to go deeper, but for my own growth as a mother.

Letting go and cracking open once again gave me access to be more present as a coach and mentor, and more present as a mother and wife.

And for the first time in years, freeing up my magical inner child to let loose and have a frickin’ blast in the woods.

Over to you …

Are you struggling to connect with your magical inner child? What feelings are you suppressing or not willing to allow yourself to feel?


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