How to Lead a New Moon Women’s Circle Ceremony

Are you feeling called to gather women at the time of the new moon and create your very own New Moon Women’s Circle?

If so, read on sister as this article will cover all the basics (and more) of what you’ll need so you can ensure your New Moon circle is a success.

The New moon is a powerful time for women to gather. The moon itself is the ultimate symbol of the feminine. Her cyclical nature and ability to hold light and dark simultaneously is a testament to some of the qualities naturally inherent in all women. She is ancient, mystical and connected to a greater whole – just like you, me and all other women on the planet. This is why new moon and full moon circles are on the rise, because the feminine is rising and so many women are waking up to the gifts that women and the feminine have to offer.

Set Your Intention

As with any circle you create, here at Sistership Circle, we always begin with an intention. A crystal-clear intention will serve as the solid foundation for your circle.

What is the intention of your New Moon circle?

What purpose would you like it to serve?

What would you like to gain from it and what would you like your participants to experience?

What theme would you like your circle to have?

What the New Moon Represents

Understanding how to align with the energy of the moon will also support you in creating a New Moon circle that will leave your participants coming back for more. So what does the new moon represent and how can you align your circle with this?

The new moon represents darkness and going inwards. It is a time when we cannot actually see the moon in the night sky, providing us with the opportunity to tune into our increased sensitivity and awareness (especially if we find we are bleeding and menstruating at this time).

The new moon is also symbolic of death and rebirth or the energy of destroying and creating. It marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and as with any beginning, it is an opportunity to get present to what wants or needs to die and what wants to come to life.

New Moon Themes

Some popular themes for new moon circles include manifestation, intention setting, slowing down, death, dying and letting go, creativity and connecting to intuition. This is just a little glimpse into what is possible – there are an abundance of potential themes you could choose from. Choose something that feels good for you, something that excites you and that you’d be happy to share and explore.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to be an expert in order to lead a circle on it. Your job is to introduce the theme and to hold space for exploration and whatever else wants to come through. One of the beautiful things about circle is that we all get to learn from one another so trust that not only do you know enough (and to be honest, you do already have all ancient wisdom and knowledge already within you) but however you present it and offer it will be exactly what is needed for your circle and for the women who attend.

When the theme and intention of your new moon circle aligns with the new moon energy, it helps to create a container which is conducive to self-exploration, depth and nurturance and will allow your participants to get in touch with all of those associated new moon qualities.

Circle Outline

Now you have your intention and understanding of the new moon in place, the next thing is to get clear on what will happen in your circle. This is your circle outline and agenda and it will lay out for you, step by step, what will take place during your circle.

We recommend that your circle is at least two hours so that you have time for a range of activities and sharings within the circle. If you are completely new to leading circles, this may seem like a long time. But trust me, once you get into it, your circle will fly by and before you know it you will be wondering how on earth two hours passed so quickly!

With any circle, we recommend you have an opening ritual. This includes making it clear to your participants that they are entering sacred circle space, an invitation to ground into the space, casting or stitching your circle so that everyone is connected and weaved into the circle, and having some agreements in place to create safety and sacredness.

For example, you may want to start with everyone lighting a candle, then guiding your participants into a grounding meditation or movement practice and then sharing a song or invocation. Next, invite everyone to hold hands whilst they introduce themselves so that it is clear that your circle is now formed. Then share your agreements so that everyone knows where they are at. Agreements are a really important part of circle as they help to create a safe space that allows for openness and vulnerability.

Once the opening ritual is complete, you may want to create some connection within the circle and start with a group share (although this is optional). Pass the talking stick around and have women share something about themselves.

Next, this is then this is where you get to fulfil upon your intention and introduce your theme. Share the intention of the circle with everyone so they know what to expect and let your circlers know a little about the theme. Now you are ready dive into the circle theme.

This is your opportunity to utilize the power of the moon and create a beautiful new moon circle. To help your circle explore the theme, there are a number of activities, sharings and rituals that you could do. Check out our new moon rituals article for some ideas on rituals specifically for the new moon.

As a start, to get your participants to go inwards, we would suggest having a group share, paired share or journaling exercise about the theme. You want to choose something that will help the women connect in their own way to the theme. If this part of the circle is short, you may want to add another activity that will help them to connect to and explore the theme further.

Next, have the women move in your circle. Get them to stand up as you guide them to move and dance. This will help your participants connect to their body and shift their energy as well as the energy within the circle.

After your movement break, you can come back to the theme with an activity, ritual, group or paired share that is relevant to the theme and that encompasses the death and rebirth energy of the new moon. When your new moon circle includes some of the qualities inherent at the time of the new moon it will help the women to become present to these qualities that also exist within them. Choose an activity that represents letting go, death and dying. Once the slate has been wiped clean so to speak, it’s time to invite your circles to participate in tapping into the energy of creation, new beginnings and rebirth.

To complete the circle, choose a ritual that marks that completion and closing of your circle. At Sistership Circle, this usually involves creating connection and then going into a closing ritual where the circle comes together as a whole and then one by one, members of the circle unstitch from the circle by sharing their name and what they are taking away.

Suggested Ritual: “Rest and Receive”

There are so many rituals for the new moon, and we wanted to share one that allows you to slow down and receive the medicine of this potent time of the month.

This is the perfect time to stop and slow down, especially in the evening time. If we go outside during the night time of the new moon, there is no moon light in the sky. It is as though nature creates darkness as gentle nudge and reminder that it is time in the monthly cycle for us to stop, rest and relax. How often do we give ourselves this gift of stopping and coming to stillness?

Oftentimes, it is only when we stop and rest that we can truly open ourselves up to receiving whatever it is we may truly need. Our lives are so rampant with action and doing that we may fail to hear or receive the whispers of spirit or the calling of our soul.

This new moon ritual is the perfect one to use if you are feeling called to take some time out for yourself and/or you want to receive divinely inspired guidance on what may be your next best move and decision in life.

We have written it to do by yourself, or you can lead it to a group of women in circle.

For this ritual you will need:

A candle & lighter
Essential oil (rose – the oil of Divine Love)
Rose petals
A rose
A bowl filled with warm water

Choose an evening where you can have at least one hour or more to yourself.

Get yourself all warm and cozy.

Create a circle on the floor with rose petals and place your rose and bowl of water in the centre.

Switch off all the lights, phones and electronic devices.

Before stepping into the circle, light a candle and hold it in front of your heart and repeat the following invocation:

“Time of darkness, time of still, let me tune in to thy divine will
I enter the circle and step right in
Into silence and stillness, let rest truly begin.
I open myself, ready to receive, this time is mine, this new moon eve”

Step into the circle and take a seat. Place your candle in front of you.

Take hold of the rose and as you hold it in your hands, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. With every exhale, allowing your body to relax more and more. Feel yourself arriving into the circle knowing that this is now your time and your space.

Place a drop of rose essential oil into your hands. Rub them together and anoint your heart & womb space with the intention of resting, relaxing and opening up to receive. Continue breathing deeply with your eyes closed for a few minutes.

Open your eyes and take hold of your rose. Pull it close to heart and take this moment to tune into your heart. Asking her to let you know what you need so that you can fully embrace resting, relaxing and opening up to receive.

You will now begin to slowly pull off a petal, one at a time. Each petal representing a need that you have that will support you in becoming more rested, relaxed and open to receive. Placing each petal into the bowl and as you do so, declaring out loud the need that you have. For example, “I need more sleep”, “I need less stress”, “I need to be touched/massaged”, “I need loving connections”.

Allow yourself to really tune in, connecting with your heart and the spirit of the rose and the new moon for guidance. Give yourself time to peel as many petals as you wish.

Once you have declared all your needs, you should have a bowl full of petals.

Place a drop or two of essential oil into the bowl of water.

Now it’s time for you to use this water as a symbol of the fulfilment and receiving of those needs you loving put in there.

Place your hands in the bowl and get your hands wet. Begin to slowly and thoughtfully rub this water over your face. Allowing yourself to feel and see all of your needs being met. Tuning into how that feels in your body and fully allowing yourself to see all of those needs being fulfilled.

Continue this ritual, rubbing water onto your neck, your arms, your hands, your chest, your legs, your feet and any other body part you wish.

Once you feel complete, bring your hands into prayer position. Taking a moment to notice how you are feeling and how your body feels. Tuning into your heart and saying out loud “I open to receive”, seeing your heart opening and receiving all that you need so that you feel well rested and relaxed.

Take a moment to offer thanks to the moon and to yourself for showing up for yourself and making your rest and relaxation and priority.

Now, if you wish you can play some music.  Take out your journal and spend some time journaling on the following question:

How will you ensure your needs are met over the coming moon cycle?

What plan can you put in place to fulfil on the meeting of those needs?

Once you have completed your journaling, blow our your candle to symbolize the ending of this ritual.

You may want to take your petal filled bowl of water outside and offer it Mother Earth with love and gratitude.

We hope you enjoy this new moon ritual for resting and receiving. Be sure to check out our other new moon rituals which are coming soon.


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