How to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

If you have been talking about a dream — something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time — but keep putting it off because you are scared of making that change, this one’s for you.

A Defining Moment

A sister said to me the other day, “Wow Tanya, you really live in the world of fulfillment. You have a husband, kids, a successful business, in great shape … what was the defining moment?”

I had a huge grin on myself, not only because I was flattered that she saw me in that light, but because of the long, painful road that it’s taken me to get to this place.

And I knew immediately what that defining moment was that changed everything for me.

It was the moment I decided to go all in and do something really uncomfortable.

Putting on Feminine Uprising LIVE in 2017.

This felt like the launch of all launches. While a part of me knew I was ready, there was also a part of me that was absolutely terrified.

What if no one shows up?
How the heck will I hold a container while pregnant?
And what if they do show up and I majorly disappoint?

But this is the key to fulfillment: we must get out of our comfort zones in order to grow and achieve our dreams.

What I realized is that I had to look at the cost of staying stuck where I was. Was I fully aligned with my purpose? Was I going to be happy if I stayed here?

The answer was no and I knew it.

So I had to push my edge …

VISIBILITY in putting my work out there in a bigger way,

VULNERABILITY in asking people to join my team and support me,


CAPACITY in holding space for that long for that many women.

The Cost of Staying in Your Comfort Zone

The truth is, we stay in the comfort zone because we are so afraid of what might happen to us if we go after our dreams.

We’ll fail miserably and lose self-esteem


We’ll succeed and be perceived as too much

Sometimes, the fear of success is even stronger than the fear of failure because some of the people in our lives will feel threatened as we outgrow them.

BUT … now this is really important:

When we continue to shrink back and stay small, confined by our comfort zone in fear of the unknown, we slowly die inside.

When you are not growing, you are dying.

You get sick.
You get depressed.
You feel disconnected, alone and unsupported.

Most people in the world are suffering because they are unwilling to push the edge of their comfort zone.

On the Other Side …

But outside the comfort zone, in the growth zone, is where all the magic lies.

This is the world of possibility, adventure, miracles and manifestation.

This is where your FREEDOM lies.

And people who are free and truly, authentically happy.

The key to freedom and happiness is in getting comfortable in being uncomfortable. To never stop learning, growing and expanding.

So circling back to Feminine Uprising LIVE 2017. I did it. And in knowing myself as someone who could create magic at that level with 50 women in the room, everything in my life and business shifted.

My relationship with my husband came into deeper alignment.
I became a better mother.
I got back in shape and feel stronger and healthier in my body.
We make more money than ever before.

Now if you are feeling the pull to start a circle, or uplevel your circle offerings, I highly recommend checking out our free How to Lead Circle eBook to get out of your comfort zone and start taking action on this dream.

I also share three ways to start getting comfortable being uncomfortable in last week’s FB LIVE here.

I’d love to hear from you:

What edge do you need to push to get to your next level?


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