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Mother Wound, Father Wound

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
how could I have known,
so young, so trusting,
that your abandonment, your rejection,
was meant for my healing,
and for yours.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
all I ever wanted was to be held
in unconditional love.
To be told that I was wanted.
To be taught that the world was a place
of love and of grace.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
this is what my soul chose,
to create walls in my youth
for protection.
And it took half a lifetime to see
that this was not the truth.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
feeling your resentment
even as a babe,
the ways you numbed your selves,
so that you didn’t have to look
into the mirrors of your souls.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
time enough has passed behind
these walls.
I could choose the same. Could choose the same.
But, somehow, in the space between then
and now,
that choice no longer fits.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
I fear the forgiveness
I am called to offer.
As if, by so doing,
by releasing the bitterness and rage
I might slip into nothing.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
I see you,
in the energetic realms.
Whole, complete, and speaking words of love.
I love you. We love you.
You are a gift.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
the warring of our souls ends today.
Baby shamanita,
I heal my family line.
The anger, hatred, sadness,
replaced by compassion, forgiveness.

Mother Wound, Father Wound,
sending through the energetic pathways
of past, of now, of future,
a picture of our wholeness.
Mother Love, Father Love,
your daughter is love.


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